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A Visualization Tool

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Wed Oct 28 23:58:41 EST 1998

Get yourself a "Pink Pearl" (Eberhard Faber "100"), and find yourself a
circular "cutting tool" having a diameter of about 2 mm (about 1/8
inch... I used the opening at the top of the cap of a BIC stick pen,
which has the advantage of being a tad "parabolic", which makes the
"work", described below, all the more interesting).

Lay your Pink Pearl on a solid surface, and pick a spot near the end of
its parallogram that hides the slanty part (get it? you can see the
slanty part on the other end), but about 2 mm back into the eraser from
the end of the slanty part which rests on your solid surface... center
your cutting tool longitudinally, and perpendicular, with respect to the
upper plane of the eraser... like so:
.           ________|__
.          /_________ /

...and start gently turning it so that it slowly cuts it's way into the
eraser... you can do this quickly if you want, but if you take your
time, you'll have a lot of fun watching the interesting dynamics of the
little, rubbery, "twistees" that squiggle up from your work... myself, I
did this "work" over the course of some days while I was reading up on a
new database  access technology... kind of like "humming" with one's
fingers while one works  :-)

Anyway, the goal is to cut a perpendicular hole entirely through the
eraser. When you've achieved this, take the eraser and stick a stick pen
in the hole, writing-end first.

Nifty pen holder, with your Pink Pearl at the ready for any "mis-takes"
that happen every now and then. Your Pink Pearl is just the thing for
them... rub, rub, rub... "gone away".

That's the "play", here's the Treasure... you'll note that your Pink
Pearl, "mis-take"-erradicator-pen-holder only works one-way... if you
try to stick the pen into the "other-side" of the hole you've drilled,
you no longer have a pen holder.

This mathematical "handedness" is a feature of =all= of the nervous
system's neural topology. This handedness is a manifestation of the
internal preservation of =directionality= with respect to the
body-enviornment interface that exists at the sensory receptors. It's
because or this all-neural-topology-permeating mathematical handedness,
that our nervous systems are able to co-ordinate their activation states
in a way that's precisely-commensruate with the energy dynamics occuring
in the external environment... which is the physical embodiment of how
we "perceive" behaviorally-relevant directionality. It's this handedness
that consistently maps "knowledge" of externally-relevant
=directionality= throughout the nervous system.

It's how we know,
which way to go :-)

Cheers, ken collins

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