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>Teodorico wrote:
>> No. One problem I have is that I've been implanted by those sewer
>> in 1996 after kidnapping, because of political motives, here, in Spain.
>I see. A technological 4th rate nation has access to a science that far
>exceeds anything the US or Japan electronics companies claim they
>produce. I sense the 'New World Order' about to make an appearance.

So you really insist by making parallelisms between civilian items for the
"alienated cattle" and the highly classified technology in hands of the
rulers of the world for enslaving the masses.
Do you know who is José Manuel Rodríguez Delgado? No? He is the inventor of
the modern brain implant; he worked as a top scientist for the CIA in the
U.S. for nearly 20 years, and then returned back to Madrid. We are going to
prove soon how he did convert this into a sort of his "people's laboratory".
And, in any way, at this level and given the situation, the international
bonds (NATO) works pretty well.

>> Another one, is that last night, their slow, criminal police-military
>> got me an overdose of EM/infrared laser heating after posting a very
>> embarrassing article for this government -and others-, and the nausea
>> the headache, plus the systematic sleep deprivation, makes writing this a
>> tough exercise.
>Those are classic symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.
>The simple test is, if you take antipsychotic drugs do the effects

I would rather say that your symptoms are from stupidity and/or ignorance,
just in case you're not another government disinformant hired gun.
Electronic harrassment as political retaliation and experimentation is
nothing new, and in the United States the attempts of dismissing the
government's victims as mentally unbalanced doesn't works anymore, as the
alarming amount of claims increases every day.
Here are a couple of excerpts -between many- from two specialists on
military strategics:

*Possony, Stefan (1983, July). Scientific Advances Hold Dramatic Prospects
for Psy-Strat. Defense & Foreign Affairs. P. 34.*

Associate Editor Dr. Stefan Possony discusses how scientists are facing the
prospect of messaging directly into a target mind. Whither psy-war?

"Suppose it becomes feasible to affect brain cells by low frequency waves or
beams, thereby altering psychological states, and making it possible to
transmit suggestions and commands directly into the brain.
Who is so rash as to doubt that technological breakthroughs of this general
type would not be put promptly to psyops use? More importantly who would
seriously assume that such a technology would not be deployed to accomplish
political and military surprise? [...]
By 1979, at the latest, it was known that electromagnetic fields raising
body temperatures less than .1 degrees Celsius may result in somatic
changes. It was most surprising that such a trivial temperature rise was
having any effects, and even more astonishing that those effects were
Chemical, physiological and behavioral changes can occur within 'windows' of
frequency and energy continua. One of those windows is connected with
navigation in marine vertebrates and with biological rhythms of humans.
Another is at the level of the human electroencephalogram (EEG), which is in
the range of extremely low radio and sound waves, around 20 Hertz."


*Tennenbaum, Jonathan (1988, Feb). Some ABCs of Electromagnetic
Anti-Personnel Weapons. Executive Intelligence Review Special Report. 317
Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., 2nd Floor. Washington, DC 20003 (202) 544-7010. Pg.

As it is quite longer, better visit this page:

>If you want a Nobel prize and $1000000 do it yourself. Or maybe that
>isn't enough incentive for the average scientist?

The individuals we are talking about are not average scientists, and may get
sligthly more than $1,000,000 at the end of their project. Anyway, I won't
keep going with this discussion anymore. The fact is that they can read
every thought coming from the human mind, as they completely deciphered the
code of the brain in the 1950s. And the proof will be soon available.

>So, we have all these military scientists who all keep quiet for decades
>(except about mundane secrets like how to build a nuclear bomb), and who
>all turn down the chance to become the next Bill Gates. Except they hand
>this technology over to every banana republic dictator that wants it

Spain a banana republic...?

>Occams Razor says 'Paranoid Schizophrenia'.
>If I am ever proved wrong I will apologise, but I don't expect it.


I don't expect it either, since apologizing is a characteristic from
magnanimous spirits.

T. Mouton

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