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Doctor's Letter
Bio-medical Telemetry 


New Delhi 1991 

Ever since an operation at Soder Hospital in Stockholm at the end of the 1960's, I have been used in a medical experiment which has meant a lot of suffering and been very painful. The operation was performed by Dr. Curt Strand, who inserted a foreign object, a so-called brain transmitter, in my head through the right nasal passage. 

For many years I have tried to get help from Swedish physicians and even from the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen). However, I was confronted by doctors who became my enemies and I was, among other things, declared mentally ill and placed in a mental hopital. In 1983 I came in contact with Prof. P.A. Lindstrom at the University of California, San Diego in the United States, who examined my X-rays. Many Swedish doctors had given written opinions about these, and stated that the X-rays were completely normal, that there were no foreign object in my head. 

Prof. Lindstrom wrote in one of his many statements that "I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull. In my opinion there is no excuse for such implantations if the patient has not been fully informed about the procedures, the purposes, the risks, the method of anesthesia, etc., and then gives a clear written consent. I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence who in his book on page 27 wrote; "There are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed, Those working and playing with them secretly call them R.H.I.C. and E.D.O.M. -- Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronical Dissolution of Memory". These, as well as ESB (Electronic Stimulation of the Brain) constitute what is included in Bio-medical telemetry. 

After Prof. Lindstrom wrote his opinion about ten other doctors in different countries have given written statements which attest to the implanted transmitters in my head. The statements clearly show that Swedish doctors have given false reports concerning this case. Despite the evidence which proves my case, I cannot get surgical help in Sweden to remove the many transmitters implanted in my head, which are active day and night, year after year. This was the reason why I sought help in New Delhi, but we will clearly see that physicians have stong international bonds, and are more social collegeial than humane ones. 

< Omitting history of search for doctor to remove transmitters. They were removed and analyzed by Hewlett-Packard technicians. > 

The difficulty in finding a doctor who will operate on me is the great secret behind the use of bio-medical telemetry and doctors' international solidarity with colleagues who use people for experiments. I would like to ask everyone who reads this report for help in finding a surgeon who will perform the operation so that I may be freed from the several transmitters implanted in my skull and brain. These transmitters have changed my life in many ways and torment me through their constant use. I can travel wherever it is necessary and would be personally responsible for all the costs which are connected to the operation. 

Stockholm, Sweden, November 1991 



July 27, 1983 

Mr. R. Naeslund
Ervallakroken 27
12443 Bandhagen
[not current address] 

In respose to your most recent letter regarding the roentgen films I can only confirm that some foreign objects, most likely brain transmitters, have been implanted at the base of your frontal brain and in the skull. 

The risk of such implantations is considerable and the risk of chronic infections and meningitis when the implantation has been made through the nose or the sinuses are real issues. 

In my opinion, there is no excuse for such implantations if the patient has not been fully informed about the procedures, the purposes, the risks, the method of anesthesia, etc, and then gives a clear writen consent. 

I fully agree with Lincoln Lawrence, who in his book on page 27 wrote: "There are two particularly dreadful procedures which have been developed. E.D.O.M. -- Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory." 

Many years go I had some discussions with Delgado. He asked me to apply my ultrasonic technique for his particular purpose of altering patient's behavior but I declined because we had entirely different aims and approaches. However, I found Delgado to be an intelligent but somewhat strange man. 

Best wishes! 

P.A. Lindstom, M.D. 



Bio-Medical Telemetry Mind Control 
The Technology and Its Possibilities 
Bio-medical telemetry have long been thought to be impossible by the majority of people and have been relegated to science fiction. The fact is that scientists developed this technology into reality at least thirty years ago and started experiments with unwitting people. 

By means of two-way radio communication, called telemetry or remote control, one can send a wavelength round trip to a brain transmitter in a person's head. The wavelength streams through the brain and returns to a computer, where all aspects of a human being's life are uncovered and analyzed. 

During the 1960's, brain transmitters as small as a half of a cigarette filter made it possible for doctors to implant them into unwitting patients during operations easily and without surgery via the nostrils. 

To anlyze an EEG in a computer instead of a printer gives a whole new perspective on what can be concluded. The receipt of mental manifestations as thoughts and visual impressions or feelings, behavior and psychological reactions can be continually registered. Bio-medical telemetry has made it possible for medical scientists and the state to observe the person deeper and more completely than what the individual can possibly do himself. Through analysis and programmed computers, even affects and changes in a person's physical and mental status can be created. 

"By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induce by radio command, hostility may appear or disappear, social hierarchy can be modified, sexual behaviour may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control" ... "Transmitters have no batteries, are activated by radio, and can be used for life, so that the brain can be stimulated indefinitely"... 

"Physical Control of the Mind" by professor J. Delgado. 

"There are certainly more elaborate and immediate methods for accelerating human and animal subjects into a state of mation sickness"..."The possibilities by bio-medical telemetry are limited only by the imagination of the investigator." 

"Bio-Medical Telemetry" by Dr. Stuart Mackay. 

"Telemetry for the surveillance of every citizen is on the drawing boards. Mind control techniques could become standard equipment of government, prison and police departments is backed by a forceful documentation". 

Publishers Weekly's review of "The Mind Stealers" by Samuel Chavkin. 


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Nico Ntumba 


Ten Years of Persecution by British Security Services 
Here in London, everybody knows about what happened to me (see: www.pair.com/spook). My life for the last 10 years is daily harassment by neighbours, people in the street during set up situation to humiliate me, BBC TV and radios, right-wing press and independent TV and radios are both helping the security services to persecute me ... 

Crime I have committed: the security services advised the former Premier Minister Margaret Thatcher to decide the death penalty for me because they believed (without evidence) that I was a agent provocateur working for China. In fact, I was doing my import-export business in 1988 and I had no idea that I was followed daily, my mail and telephone intercepted. So they set up a evil situation. A young black wrote to a newspaper pretending to be my girl friend with intention to marry me, but the she's worried about my ... activities. From there the snowball ... MI5 moved in as any body else ... character assassination ... isolate me from family and people who could provide me with emotional, mental and physical support. I was and I am still fighting on my own against all people. They are turning people against me ... So Thatcher decided that my punishment would be death penalty. But when they realized that I was an agent provocateur only in their imagination ... big blunder ... Thatcher has to resign as Premier Minister. This is the hidden shame that they don't want the world to know. 

My persecution is still going on and on without any sign of ending because there's a omerta here in Britain not to tell the truth about what happened. Please if one of you media (CNN, Washington Post, New York Times ...) publish an article about my situation here in Britain, I'll appreciate very much to get a copy. This is my campaign. They are ignoring me and being also black .... 

They installed surveillance devices in my neighbours' flat who helped them also break into my flat when I am not in. They are also using remote surveillance and mind control equipment to make me sleep, put suggestions into my mind, torture me mentally. They are advising the neighbours to harass me. If I go out and I try to socialize with people, and especially a woman, I'll see a group of 3 or 4 men coming and suddenly, they try to take the woman away and after that she become abusive to me .... 


During the last 10 years, I have never seen such persecution. It's their vengeance because of their blunder. The security services, especially here in Britain are paranoid of subversion, communism. Etc. 

First, they are used to follow me wherever I go; then they come back behind my back to denigrate me using threats if necessary for the individual to turn against me. The aim is to isolate me so that I stay prisoner in my own own without any emotional or moral support. I have no female or male friends. Sometimes they set up a situation using a woman who pretends to fall in love with me and then afterwards she starts abusing, humiliating and shaming me in public. Men are more likely to try to fool me in public. Since 1988, here in London I have no girl friend or a male friend to hang out with or rely on. People to phone to lift up when I am down. 

If I move into a new flat, they send normally a young "couple" with a small child to spend the week end (Saturday afternoon up to Sunday morning). Their agents would install all the surveillance devices and bugs. They try to advise all people in my neighbourhood to play the "new game". Suddenly you'll see all people start teasing you. First, it's flattering, and then it's becoming nasty and insulting. I am a black and when you see young black persons insulting you because it's a new game by MI5 .... Disgusting! And Withdrawal from people and ... isolation. 

Trying to go out, normally you'll see 3 or 4 people coming to stay near you and start making jokes only to humiliate you. It's cowardice as they know well that there's nothing you can do about it. I have been locked up in mental institutions and they can frame you again. 

Mind Control is when I'd like to go to bed. There's many nights that I am unable to sleep. MI5 disrupt my nights. They also use remote control surveillance to harass me. I can wake in the middle of the night and I heard the horn of a car outside. It's like there are security guards outside you home in the night. One of my next door neighbours puts her light on at 3 or 4 am if I am going to my toilet. People are sharing my inner most thoughts, feelings. It's an unacceptable invasion of my privacy. There are times when people seem to react to my thinking. 

I am an IT professional and normally I have no problems finding work. If I am offered a job interview, they just come to tell the management that I am a security risk and I shouldn't work. People have to obey MI5 orders including cabinet ministers. I know personally my Member of Parliament who is powerless to help. She knows my sufferings, but there's nothing she can do about it. I have to pay debts, organize the life, but no work ... She was targeted by MI5 in the early 1980s and she won a case against them in the European Court of Human Rights. Otherwise she could have been considered a security risk ... so no government job. 

Briefly, I am cut off from all people, no friends or family around. I am not able to get work, to be in a relationship with the opposite sex. They turn all people against me in order to isolate me. After that, because I am alone on my own, no where to go, they start the intolerable pressure, humiliation and abuses. Their intention is for me to kill myself. Suicide. Vengeance. That's it. 

For the moment, I am going around seeking support and help from all alternative groups. Lobster published my story in 1992, but all mainstream media just ignored me. 

I am keeping on fighting to get something of a normal life, but it's difficult. I would like to call a specialist security firm to check my flat for bugs and other surveillance devices. And also about Mind Control, I don't know what to do. 

10 years of this deadly situation ... Every body is involved ... Help me publish my story in America. 




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