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Polygraph EEG-meter Biofeedback-meter comparison

E-meter-Polygraph at Trenite.de E-meter-Polygraph at Trenite.de
Fri Oct 30 14:13:08 EST 1998

(An E-meter-Polygraph is a, highly sensitive, thought-detector
 [pre-supposing the - necessary - desire and intention
 or ability and perception to think about something] or
 'electronic dowsing rod' or 'electronic pendulum' or
 'prana-field-change detector' or 'Kirlian-field-change
 It is directly influenced by thought and by telepathy.)

    "Dear Koos,

    "Thanks for the e-mail and E-meter-Polygraph.

    "The meter arrived some weeks ago around the time you
     said it would (Your e-mail of 13/10/98 19:14:12 GMT).

    "(Name) will be along within the next week to pick 
     it up and deliver it to (Name).
     [Note: This is the third 100 USD E-meter-Polygraph he
      bought from us].

    "(Name) tells me he is enjoying using the new
     meter (polygraph).
     He finds the Sessions run better, as the PC(*) is not
     pulled out of Session by T.A. notations(**). He is
     apparently obtaining excellent results Auditing(***)
     [Listening to] his daughter.


    "The [100 USD E-meter-]Polygraph has a definite, more
     responsive and smoother action in comparison to the
     old [Syndicate's, 800 USD] Mark V [E-meter].


    "You can expect a donation [to support your human rights
     activities, research and writing] within the next week.
     I feel you are doing a wonderful job and I am glad that
     you are around to do it."

    [End of letter]

There are some interesting definitions, below.

   The E-meter-Polygraph (Lie-detector, EEG, Biofeedback)
   - understanding, usage and construction or buying

Koos Nolst Trenite - Ambassador for Mankind
Copyright 1998 by Koos Nolst Trenite

Library of Ambassador for Mankind:
Personal Web-page:  http://ArtOrg.com

(*) a person receiving the communication-processes of 
    Auditing (Listening).

(**) not distracted by the person Listening. Such
     distraction is a major barrier to successful
     communication-sessions: What is to be avoided is a
     being distracted from looking and from seeing, in a
     communication-session, things about oneself and about
     others that one normally is prevented from seeing and
     from finding out. The particular point mentioned in
     the letter, above, is explained in the '100 USD
     E-meter Polygraph Manual' at the web-address given
     above. (Note by Koos)

(***) Communication-processes to let a person look, and so
      let him discover much more truth about himself and
      about others, with the purpose of restoring and
      increasing his sincere aliveness and to restore
      abilities. (Note by Koos)

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