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kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Fri Oct 30 21:18:01 EST 1998

OK, so the pen-holder's not such an easy example... I just like "Pink Pearls"...
got in "trouble" in the 8th grade 'cause I was always sticking thumb tacks,
push-pins, paper clips, etc., into my Pink Pearl to make "cars", "towtrucks",
"airplanes", and such, to play with... my teacher took offense at this, which I
didn't understand... for me, my Pink Pearl was just a stick-it-inyour-pocket
version of  my Father's cellar workshop, where I watched him make
almost-anything out of almost-nothing... "doesn't everyone build their own
stuff?" :-)

Anyway, consider those nail puzzles... you know, the ones made out of two
curley-cue-bent nails... they show the same mathematical handedness, don't
they... yeah, one can "force" them together, but there it is... the "Hand" of
Truth, right there in the additional energy expended in doing the "forcing". All
"puzzles" are exactly the same... all exhibit the same mathematical
"handedness"... even puzzles carefully designed to have multiple "correct
solutions"... call 'em "meta-puzzles"... the "handedness" is right-there
in-them... the "multiplicity" =is= the stuff that's in "Love" with the "Hand" of

What about "symmetry", "Super", "Fearful", or otherwise? It, "two" "Loves" the
"Hand" of Truth.

Anyone disagree? If so, I give you the Physical Universe... show me =one= thing
you believe is "symmetrical"... it cannot be accomplished. Yeah, one can go on
and on about this and that, in an effort to "demonstrate" it's supposed
"symmetry", but it's an either/or thing, and the longer the "definition", the
more-plain is the demonstration of the thing's asymmetry. Ever since reading
Kuhn's, _The Copernican Revolution_, Ptolemaic Astronomy is a favorite example
of this sort of thing... the ill-fit of the "epicycles" "just" points right at
the "Hand" of Truth.

What about a "perfect diamond", all cut just exactly-so? Nope. What's described
by 2nd Thermo's in-there (wdb2t), "two". Don't believe me? Run things
"backward". Get a torch that's up to the task, and start burning the diamond...
it'll "go away" in the "same" way it came... only a lot faster. Stop, mid-burn,
and cool it... you won't see anything resembling "symmetry". When the diamond
was forming, it was just more of the same... only slower... wdb2t... the
analogue of the torch's heat, being applied just as asymmetrically, but at a
"microscopic" rate of flow.

What about an "atom"? Nope. While there must be an adequate UES pressure (ask if
yu don't know already), it's never "symmetrically" applied... there's always the
whole-Physical-Universe flowing of energy from order to disorder that is wdb2t.

Before anyone can show me any "symmetrical" thing, they've got to construct one
of those "perpetual motion machines", and the only one that =might= exist is the
Physical Universe, as a whole.

Everything Loves the "Hand" of Truth... especially our wonderful brains. Cheers,

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