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kkollins at pop3.concentric.net kkollins at pop3.concentric.net
Fri Oct 30 22:01:34 EST 1998

The _New York Times reported today, "ADULT BRAINS SEEN TO REPLACE CELLS", by
H. B. Noble, p1, that nerual cells "divide". A PBS _McNeil News Hour_ report
that I watched this evening said it was cell precursors
newly-growth-activated. Which is it?

Either way, it's a happy day for NDT. When confronted with the doctrine that
"neurons don't reproduce", but seeing clearly that established behavioral
inertia can, in fact, be inverted (AoK, Ap4), which is an awesome feat of
reprogramming, I was "stumped". Those who've read AoK have probably
realized, long ago, that I resolved this issue by describing a role  for
neuralglia in "memory", derived in their verified contractile + ion-gating
functionality (the contractile stuff redirects the ionic flow). It's all
documented. I spent most of my time between 1974 and 1977 working on this
one problem, because a solution to it was just necessary.

While the neuralglia stuff will remain in the theory (it has to because its
existence is verified), if the new results hold up, they "just" make NDT's
position stronger, because a newly-participating neural population makes it
much-easier to achieve everything that's discussed in AoK. The neuralglia
stuff will require only a small adjustment which acknowledges the role of
the newly-participating cells. The mathematical "handedness" =can only=
still be right in-there, and (prediction) future studies will demonstrate
that the triggering factor for the newly-participating cells is none other
than TD E/I(up) which, as the new-participation is established, and to the
degree that it's established, is transformed into TD E/I(down). Hold me to
this. (Of course, there's a whole cascade of correlated dynamics that will
be shown to be involved, but they'll all reduce directly to TD
E/I-minimization. Hold me to this, "two". (This "cascade"-stuff is already
accounted for in NDT. It's a prerequisite of preserving the directedness of
the 3-D geometry.))

Several other things... hippocampus is phylogenetically relatively-old
neural architecture ("Allocortex"). With these results promulgated by the
folks in the Swede-Salk study, I encourage folks to look elsewhere within
the phylogenetically-newer "areas" of the brain. It's an important question.
Perhaps there's "horsepower" enough in-there that "the project" will require
less than the "100 years"? I Hope so. :-)

One more thing... I wish someone would  just say "intermediate-"level"
supersystem configuration mechanism" when discussing the hippocampus... but,
here, I "pick nits"... it's just that I'd much rather, at long-last, feel
free to use the time I've left to picnic... in the sun somewhere... ants and
all. K. P. Collins

kkollins at pop3.concentric.net wrote:

> If anyone here has any info re. the recently-announced observation that
> hippocampal neurons reproduce, please share it. What cells? What region?
> ken collins

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