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Sat Oct 31 00:11:45 EST 1998

In article <363a2d73.0 at ns2.wsg.net>, "Ray Scanlon" <rscanlon at wsg.net> wrote:
>Neil Rickert wrote in message <71cqlh$gol at ux.cs.niu.edu>...
>>"Ray Scanlon" <rscanlon at wsg.net> writes:
>>>Of course, the environment is part of the equation, I never said or
>>>otherwise. With a specific person, we may speculate on the relative
>>>importance of DNA versus environment and that too is interesting. I do
>>>exception when people say that the brain is fundamentally different from
>>>pancreas, that DNA does not construct both.
>>The DNA does not construct either the pancreas or the brain.  DNA is
>>a set of specifications for making proteins.  A blueprint does not
>>construct a house or anything else, but carpenters and bricklayers
>>may use the blueprint in carrying out their construction.  DNA
>>doesn't construct anything.  The machinery of the living cell
>>constructs, and uses the DNA in the construction.
>Oh! Neil, you are so correct. I know the entire universe is just a wave
>function but I tend to forget. I look at the circle of life and pick a point
>to enter the circle to try to understand it. Silly me, I should have picked
>the centrioles. When the centrioles crack the whip, the DNA jumps through
>hoops. Let us forget the higher plants and go with the centrioles. The
>"machinery of the living cell" consists of molecules, and all molecules are
>equal. Still, as was pointed out in Animal Farm, some molecules are more
>equal than others.
>I am so naive (and so old). Is it possible that the mention of DNA is
>politically incorrect?

YOU are the one, peddling this politically "correct" idea
of DNA rewls.

> Is that the trouble?

No. The trouble is that you are just a bio-robot,
programmed to oblivion.

> Are those worker molecules, the
>large and small ribosomal subunits, the real heroes in this tale?

Mr. materialist, you are outdated a long time ago.

>Enough! I am undeconstructed and unreconstructed,

By who?

Who ARE you on the first place?
A byproduct of the directed effort of the DNA's centrall
intelligence agency?

> I will go to my grave a

That is your sucky problem.
Just remember one thing.
What you say now, is not necessarily what is going to
happen in the future.

First of all, you are ruled by the DNA.
You have no clue what that DNA wants.
You don't know what that DNA will dictate once
you are on your deathbed, you see?

> The DNA constructs the organism by pushing out mRNA. Let us
>have no holistic talk about the "living cell".

And who are you to define the scope and purpose of
the life force?

You have seen just a needle size opening on the most
rudimentary aspects, and now you come here and proclaim
you know the holey sucking truth.

And yet you suck, just like a dead donkey ass,
not to insult the donkey ass.


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