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"Homemaker's Recipe" for a Successful Revolution in Military

By Julianne McKinney

January 1995


            Association of National Security Alumni
                Electronic Surveillance Project
                        P.O. Box 13625
                 Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
                       (301) 608-0143

January 8, 1995

Steven Metz, Ph.D.
LTC James Kievit
Strategic Studies Institute
U.S. Army War College
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013-5050

Dear Dr. Metz and LTC Kievit:

I read your _Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of
War_  with great interest. Noting that you encourage discussion
and debate on this subject (and presuming that the average U.S.
citizen is not to be excluded from these discussions and
debates), I would like to comment on  this paper.

First, I noticed a rather curious omission in your paper, namely,
the impact of a "revolutionized" military upon the rights of U.S.
citizens as they might be inferred to exist under Article IX of
the United States Constitution. True, you have expressed some
concern about potential "ethics" violations resulting from
unconstrained evolutionary or revolutionary processes; however,
I see no reference anywhere in your paper to the military's
primary responsibility in upholding, protecting and defending
the U.S. Constitution.

Absent any such reference, your use of the term, "ethics,"
becomes relativistic, in my opinion--more suited, perhaps, to
discourses by followers of Nietsche. This is not a criticism,
incidentally. If you are unprepared to discuss an RMA in the
context of its impact on the U.S. Constitution, then I will spare
you the hassle, since what I am about to propose is similarly
bereft of any such considerations.

At the conclusion of your paper, you expressed a concern that the
U.S. Army is being left in the wake, so to speak, of our far more
technologically-oriented U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force. I frankly
do not see that the Army is being left behind. To the contrary,
the Army has the potential for playing quite a major role in the
scenario which I am about to propose, thanks to _posse

You raised a number of questions concerning the RMA as an
evolutionary or a revolutionary process; and, concerning the
latter, in the context of "chicken or egg" assessments (e.g.,
"Can military revolutions cause strategy to change, do strategic
changes somehow generate military revolutions, or must they
always occur simultaneously?" etc.) The scenario which I am
presenting for your consideration involves a calculated
evolutionary process culminating in a revolutionary event which
will sweep the U.S. Army into its midst before appropriate (Army)
strategies have been even vaguely contemplated.

Your paper contains all of the right elements for a successful
(psychotechnologies, profit motives, manipulation of public
opinion, deniability, crime as the public's inducement to
sacrifice privacy, spiritual insurgency, etc. etc.); however,
your timing is off. These are not matters which should only now
be considered; that is, not unless you are looking for an RMA
some 30 years hence. These are matters which should have been
considered 30 years ago and which, indeed, were.

I am not a military strategist, incidentally, so please consider
the following as input from an ordinary U.S. citizen who wishes
to be heard in the debate(s) focusing on RMAs. My proposal is a
"homemaker's recipe" for a successful RMA if you will--embodying
not only the ingredients which you have furnished in _The
Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict  Short of War_, but,
also, a few additional which you had not thought to discuss. My
"recipe" is as follows:

A Successful RMA

Satanic Cults
UFO Cults
Directed-Energy Technologies
Biotechnologies/Experimental Drugs
Multinational Government Contractors and Subsidiaries
Investment Portfolios and Other Financial Inducements
Imported East Bloc Mercenaries and Military Equipment
Imported Foreign National Scientists
A Controlled and Compliant Media
Decentralized U.S. Government Control
An Induced Crime Wave


1. Raise one or two generations of children under the auspices of
government-approved satanic cults, such as COL (USA ret.) Michael
Aquino's Temple of Set. Violent sexual, physical and
psychological abuse of these children over a period of 15 years
will produce generations of dissociative automatons who will
comply with instructions in obedient, unquestioning fashion.
Their required adherence to cult tenets precludes any
consideration of laws governing U.S. society, generally.
Cult-programmed "graduates," among other things, will be expected
to participate in contrived UFO abduction scenarios.

2. Create a global UFO cult, which will involve the abduction of
citizens so as to foster an illusion that this earth is facing
an extraterrestrial invasion. UFO abductees-of-preference will
have an expertise in computer technologies, since that expertise
will be required in future technocratic RMA scenarios. Use of
experimental drugs, holographic projection capabilities,
directed-energy technologies, induced auditory input,
experimental aircraft, and special effects costuming and
stagecraft, among other things, will be used to persuade
abductees of the reality of their circumstances. Official
denials regarding these events will employ reverse psychology,
to ensure that all such denials are taken as official
confirmation of an imminent and/or ongoing extraterrestrial
invasion. UFO abductees will be persuaded to worship their
anticipated extraterrestrial "conquerors" in cult-enforced
religious fashion. UFO cult networks will be controlled by U.S.
Intelligence to limit infiltration and ensure that dissidents do
not disrupt UFO Cult long-term agendas. Uncontrollable dissidents
will be assassinated, preferably by directed-energy means.
Dissociative satanic cult graduates will handle all such
executions; i.e., when not actively lending logistical and
theatrical support to UFO abduction operations.

3. Directed-energy surveillance and weapons technologies of ALL
types will be used for purposes of spreading fear and confusion
in the population at large (under deniable circumstances); for
eliminating persons deemed "adversarial" to U.S. national
security interests; and for spotting, assessing and manipulating
potential recruits to RMA causes.

4. Neurocybernetics and other psychotechnologies will be used to
sow confusion and hypochondria in the population at large. The
symptoms and effects produced by these and other directed-energy
technologies will parallel the effects produced by various
microbes, viruses and chemical imbalances, thus compelling a
large segment of society to seek medical intervention, which, in
turn, will be a basis for their being used for medical
experimentation under "voluntary" circumstances. Psychiatrists
and psychologists will play an important role in these
experiments, particularly where denying the efficacy of
neurocybernetics/psychotechnologies is concerned. Citizens
complaining of "hearing voices" will be used as a basis for
(generously) government-funded, schizophrenic-related brain
research, since comprehension and control of the human brain is
critical to the sustained success of any long-term RMA.
Satanic cult graduates, drug dealers, gang members
recruited off the streets, and foreign nationals will be housed
at black-funded government expense (under comparatively
luxurious circumstances) and trained in the use of these
directed-energy technologies. (Technicians who may be obliged to
drive targeted U.S. citizens insane or to their deaths do not
need to be burdened by considerations of morality, ethics or the
U.S. Constitution.) (... Well, okay, maybe one reference to the

5. Mix biotechnologies and experimental drugs generously
throughout all of these ingredients. The unsuspecting U.S.
citizen of today may be the cyborg soldier of tomorrow.

6. Multinational corporations under contract to the U.S.
Government play a very important role in this
recipe--particularly those engaged in the development of
directed-energy surveillance and weapons technologies, and those
in the business of telecommunications. Corporations and their
subsidiaries will have the primary responsibility of
experimenting on U.S. citizens with directed-energy technologies
under appropriately-deniable circumstances; and of maintaining
all records concerning the results of that experimentation.
Corporations will also systematically install surveillance and
directed-energy targeting systems in government and other office
buildings, in public establishments, in educational institutions,
in apartment buildings, in neighborhoods, on streets and
highways, and in prisons, jails and psychiatric institutions. The
public's attention will *not* be drawn to the antenna arrays and
other ground-based devices and wiring configurations being used
for this purpose. The Ground Positioning Satellite (GPS) system
will play an important part in these activities, with the
expense to be sustained by government-funded contractors.
Centralized control of these surveillance and targeting systems
will be maintained in appropriately deployed bunkers, at an
expense to be assumed by black-funded corporate contractors.
Contractors may toy with these systems on an occasional basis,
such as by bringing down an airliner or two for test purposes
(such as, recently, near Pittsburgh); by inducing occasional
targets of surveillance to erupt into acts of violence involving
mass murder; and by assassinating occasional sports and public
figures who exceed agreed-upon standards of mediocrity. However,
no concerted large-scale effort is permitted until the
ingredients of this recipe have obtained a "proper mix."

7. Investment portfolios and other financial inducements are
critical to the long-term success of this pending RMA. There is
much money to be had in the development of directed-energy
systems and biotechnologies. Lucrative investment portfolios have
a way of keeping Members of Congress, owners of the Major Media
and other public officials silent. (Satanic cult "kiddies"
trained as porn stars serve an equally useful purpose, as do
demonstrations of the effectiveness of directed-energy
technologies on more obstreperous types; however, greed has long
been recognized as the primary mover and shaker in matters covert
and should be exploited accordingly.) Financial inducements
otherwise have a way of buying the continued cooperation of  all
persons participating in or directly knowledgeable of the
ingredients in this recipe.

8. Out-of-work East Bloc military personnel and their vehicles
and other equipment will be brought into this country under the
guise of a "U.N." logo, to be housed under comparatively
luxurious circumstances at black-funded corporate expense, for
specialized urban/LIC training under otherwise-deniable DoD
auspices. Use of a U.N.logo on incoming vehicles and uniforms is
to spread confusion and fear in the populace at large, thus
facilitating efforts by this government at eliminating that
institution as a potentially effective tool for peaceful change.
Imported East Bloc soldiers will be paid as mercenaries, for
employment in this country only when a proper mix of this
recipe's ingredients has been obtained.

9. Foreign national scientists, predominantly from the Far and
Near East, and from Germany and Russia will be brought into this
country to participate in such activities as brain and
biophysics research as they pertain to the further development
of neurocybernetics and other directed-energy technologies.
Foreign national scientists, unlike most Americans, are not
burdened by early indoctrination concerning human rights
vis-a-vis lethal forms of involuntary human experimentation.
Foreign national scientists have also demonstrated a greater
capacity for imaginative (and obedient) scientific research than
exists indigenously in this country. Their brains must be

10. A controlled and compliant media is critical to sustained
deniability in this evolutionary process. The media will ignore
complaints from U.S. citizens regarding growing evidence of
police state actions in this country, while concurrently lauding
the military's advanced technologies as being the "gentle"
supplement to existing conventional weapons systems. The media
will also ensure that the public's attention is kept diverted
from more serious issues and, instead, that it is focused on
hyped-up "sleaze" events, such as, The Kneecapping of Nancy
Kerrigan, O.J. Simpson's Problems With Satanic Cult Murders, The
Bobbing of Bobbitt, etc, etc. When pondering the national
security implications of an Amy Fischer, the public is not
likely to notice the antenna arrays springing up around this
country like mushrooms, the inducing of "sick" office buildings
and public establishments by directed-energy means on an
ever-widening basis, or other similar indicators of an evolving

11. Decentralized government control--a panacea currently being
sought by a befuddled American public to relieve their
(contrived) economic woes--is one means by which FCC oversight
can be permanently eliminated. FCC monitoring of communications
frequencies might ultimately result in an untimely disclosure
that those frequencies are being used to facilitate
implementation of a successful RMA and should therefore be
squelched. Decentralization will be employed selectively and with
much diverting Congressional fanfare. Law enforcement agencies
will be subjected to centralized control, as will those agencies
and institutions such as the FDA which are currently engaged in
biomedical research. With the help of a compliant media, the
centralization of these latter types of agencies will elude
public attention.

12. Crime in this country will be induced. The sales of illegal
drugs and weapons reap profits which help to fund the foregoing.
This activity is the preferred alternative to increased taxes,
since tax increases tend to alienate a public which already has
doubts about where its money is going. Drug dealers will be
protected, since they play an important role in this recipe.
Widespread addiction to illegal drugs and drug-sale profits will
serve to eliminate and neutralize a large (parasitic) segment of
society which might otherwise make undue demands for a "piece of
the American Pie" (employment, education, etc.) Drug addiction
fosters a certain degree of crime; however, to ensure that the
public comprehends the need for martinet laws, expanded law
enforcement capabilities and greater numbers of prisons, crimes
of a sensational nature will be induced on a periodic basis
which, with the help of the media, will lead to the public's
voluntarily agreeing to sacrifice its privacy for safety.
Neurocybernetics, psychotechnologies, biochemicals and
directed-energy weapons and surveillance systems will be used to
induce acts of violence, ranging from simple one-time mass
murders (such as, in post-offices and on subway systems) to
long-term serial killings involving cannibalism and other
gruesome deeds. Rape and child molestation will be facilitated
by means of directed-energy (radar) targeting of reproductive
organs. The perpetrators of these crimes, by claiming to hear
"voices" and to be the targets of radio-frequency harassment,
will serve two distinct purposes; viz., (1) they will enhance
official deniability, since the public is not yet prepared to
believe their claims of mind-control experimentation; and (2)
they will hasten the process of the public's abandoning privacy
for the sake of safety. Prison inmates will routinely be
targeted for experimentation. Those sociopathic and psychopathic
prisoners who show the greatest potential for future social
disruption will be the most likely to be paroled or to be
allowed to escape before we proceed with Step 12, below.

13. Mix the foregoing ingredients in calculated fashion until the
order is given (in or about the late 1990s) to commence with
Total Chaos. On that day, the order will be given to activate ALL
directed-energy systems at maximum amplitudes; i.e., in office
buildings, private residences, on the streets and highways, in
psychiatric wards, in prison and jail systems, and in public
establishments. Satanic cult members, who, until now, have been
held in relative abeyance, will be given the order to
concurrently run rampant, for purposes of raping and butchering
U.S. citizens _a la  Ruwanda_, while the latter are preoccupied
with trying to comprehend their  extreme throes of pain, radio
frequency burns and rupturing internal organs. Satanic cult
members will be aided in this process by escaped prison inmates
and psychiatric patients who, on the day in question, will find
that the doors in their detention facilities are no longer
locked. Once this (relatively low-level) Chaos has commenced,
all previously-regulated communications frequencies will be
overridden by a single transmission, coming from an underground
bunker, specifically, the voice of an "extraterrestrial"
announcing that this country has been invaded from outer space.
TVs and radios which are not operating at the time of this
announcement will be activated by means of technologies recently
adopted for "national emergency" purposes. Viewers of TVs will be
addressed by a person garbed in special-effects extraterrestrial
costuming and make-up. The average U.S. citizen, being gullible
in cases involving "War of the Worlds" scenarios and having no
knowledge of the effects produced by highly-amplified
directed-energy systems, will firmly believe that an
extraterrestrial invasion is underway. UFO cultists, persuaded
that their equivalent of a God has arrived, will rush to their
terminals and assigned directed-energy emittors (on which they
have been systematically trained), to assist the "invaders" in
this takeover (while saving their own necks). Imported East Bloc
mercenaries will also be set loose upon the terrorized public,
to wreak their own uniquely-brutal brand of Havoc.

14. Now comes your RMA. The DoD will intervene to put an end to
the carnage merely hinted at under Step 12, above. It is here
that the Army will be brought into the process. Being of the
opinion that upholding and defending the U.S. Constitution is
his or her first priority, the average U.S. Army soldier will
willingly and obediently obey any order to intervene,
particularly if the order is given in the context of a _posse
comitatus_. Simply put, the military will be induced to take over
this government in unsuspecting fashion, for purposes of trying
to restore order to circumstances which evolved over the past 30
years under their very noses. Uncorrupted law enforcement
officers will take part in this activity just as
enthusiastically as the military, in the belief that their
services are needed to restore law and order. U.S. citizens who
are currently tagged as "dissident" will be re-tagged as
"terrorist" for removal to the concentration camps which are
rumored be under construction in this country, guarded by
government-contracted security firms such as Wackenhutt. The
average soldier, having no basis for disbelief, will readily
participate in these roundups. Because the U.S. military has
demonstrated a remarkable inability to handle concentration camps
on a long-term basis, particularly when disruptive elements are
housed in the detainee population (ex: Guantanamo and Florida),
executions of detainees will commence. From then on, ...it
really doesn't matter, does it? The Revolution is underway.

In the foregoing, I have described a scenario in which the U.S.
Army will find itself playing a very important role in an RMA;
i.e., without having to alter current doctrine and leadership
training programs. I would be interested in hearing your views
regarding the feasibility and/or acceptability of this proposed


/Original Signed/

Electronic Surveillance Project

cc: COL John W. Mountcastle
    Director, Strategic Studies Institute

"...Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the
national interest of the United States. They are inimical to the
operation of an effective national intelligence system and
corruptive of civil liberties, including the functioning of the
judiciary and a free press. Most importantly, they contradict
the principles of democracy, national self-determination and
international law to which the united States is publicly
committed." (Credo of the Association of National Security

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