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Gary Forbis forbis at accessone.com
Sat Oct 31 11:32:51 EST 1998

Bill Skaggs wrote in message ...
>Come on, folks, this is a ridiculous thing to argue about.  DNA is
>essentially source code that gets compiled by machinery in the cell
>into a set of proteins.
>Suppose I have a C program containing the line "x = 0;", and I say,
>"This line sets the value of x to zero."
>Would you say, "You idiot!  That line is only a piece of text, and it
>doesn't do anything!  The machinery in the computer is what sets the
>value of x to zero!"?
>No, you wouldn't say that, because it would be absurdly pedantic.

I've said just that on occasion.  It depends upon the issue upon which
I am focusing.  Sometimes such pedantics serve a purpose.  I've even
gone so far as to suggest the computer doesn't set anything to zero
but has regular behaviors some of which can be interpreted as doing so.

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