cortical latencies

Slawomir Nasuto snasuto at
Tue Sep 1 05:21:18 EST 1998

Dear All,

I have read that neurons in the visual cortex exhibit
wide range of latencies (from around 40 to over 100
miliseconds). However there was no more information
about spatial characteristics of these latencies.
I would like to ask if big differences in latencies
are observed for the neurons with approximately
the same number of synaptic stages between LGN and them?
What about neurons with overlapping receptive fields ?
Is there any systematic  relationship between latencies
and distance between neurons. Of course one expects
that the latencies in onset of firing will be longer
for given neurons than for neurons 'relying' to them
action potentials from LGN so I am mainly interested
in latencies not arising from sequential transmission.
I would appreciate any information and pointers to
the literature.
Thank you in advance.


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