cortical latencies

Slawomir Nasuto snasuto at
Wed Sep 2 12:46:31 EST 1998

Dear All,

I have read that cortical neurons exhibit a wide range
of latencies in firing 40-100 miliseconds. I would like
to ask for some additional information/ references on a spatial
characteristics of these latencies. Do two neurons with the same
"distance" from LGN (measured by the number of intervening synaptic
connections) fire always with small delay with respect to each other?
IS it possible for them to fire with a considerable delay ? IS there
any relationship between distance between two neurons and the firing
onset delay ? Of course neurons which are situated later in "the stream"
would be expected to fire later than neurons which obtain earlier the 
signal transmitted from the LGN. SO it seems more interesting what are
the latencies in firing for neurons situated "laterally".

Thank you in advance.

best wishes,

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