Neural level influencing functional descriptions

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Fri Sep 4 17:10:59 EST 1998

Gary Jasdzewski wrote:
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> Some people in the cognitive sciences, such as linguistics, argue that =
> should pay attention to research from the neurosciences so that our hig=
> level descriptions of some behavior will be neurally plausible.  I thin=
> this is a good idea, and I'm searching for some good examples of it at
> work from any field.  I am trying to persuade people who are interested=
> second language acquisition (SLA) that they might be better able to cho=
> between the many different theories available by weeding out those that=

> are not neurally plausible.
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> So, do you know of some theory that is bolstered by support from the
>   neurosciences?
Re the above:
The discovery of memory being electromagnetic particles has as one of
its foundations and use in proving and enabling learning to occur. =

Preliminary introduction  on my webpage listed below.  Other volumes
hopefully would be soon in the process of publishing.
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