New site suggests that multivalued logic is the theory behind brain microcircuits

david_olmsted at david_olmsted at
Sat Sep 5 05:45:05 EST 1998

The work of Gordon Shepherd of Yale University and colleagues has indicated
that the microcircuit and not the neuron is the location of the fundamental
unit of information processing. Yet no theory has arisen to explain why this
is so until now. My new site at suggests that
microcircuits implement asynchronous multivalued logic operations.

Even though this site is in its beginning stages it shows that asynchronous
multivalued logic operations can be combined to form powerful, neurally
realistic, and robust neural networks. It also provides a brief history of the
reticular formation. The future will see detailed reviews of non-mammalian
vertebrate neuroscience as this theory is applied towards understanding the


David Olmsted

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