New site suggests that multivalued logic is the theory behind brain microcircuits

Mentifex mentifex at
Sat Sep 5 08:12:13 EST 1998

David D. Olmsetd <david_olmsted at> wrote on 5 Sep 1998:
>The work of Gordon Shepherd of Yale University and colleagues has indicated
>that the microcircuit and not the neuron is the location of the fundamental
>unit of information processing. Yet no theory has arisen to explain why this
>is so until now. My new site at suggests that
>microcircuits implement asynchronous multivalued logic operations.
>Even though this site is in its beginning stages it shows that asynchronous
>multivalued logic operations can be combined to form powerful, neurally
>realistic, and robust neural networks. It also provides a brief history of the
>reticular formation. The future will see detailed reviews of non-mammalian
>vertebrate neuroscience as this theory is applied towards understanding the
>David Olmsted

 This site has now been added to and I would
 like to add it to but I seem
 to have reached a GeoCities editabl-file limit with my 29,810 bytes.
 Does anyone know how to continue editing the HTML beyond 29K? Thanks

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