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Mon Sep 7 21:00:03 EST 1998

Never heard of it, but sounds very familiar--like many, many scams
we've encountered before.

A rational first step would be to request a list of all published
descriptions of the technique and all published outcome studies.  If
you are offered a book, ignore it. (Anybody can publish anything in a
book)  Look for articles in peer-reviewed journals.  Ask someone
knowledgeable to read  them, critically.

If you don't know anyone competent to read and evaluate that sort of
material, post the list here and I'm sure a few of us will do so.

Failing that, at least post a few details about the proposed treatment,
exsct location of the "Institute", etc.  I know some neuropsychologists
in Switzerland who may already have an opinion on it...

Anoxia is a severe brain insult indeed.  One can have only compassion 
for a parent whose child has been so disabled; we in the field know how
desperate they can be, and how vulnerable they are to those ready to
promise them miracles in return for nothing more than their life

Presumably, if this Sean Adam had accomplished such miracles and had
published his procedures and others agreed that the miracles were
indeed real one would not have to travel to Switzerland for the
treatment.  News travels fast in science and medicine these days.

F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
New York Neuropsychology Group

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leaky_roof at YAHOO.COM (Laurence Marks) writes: 
>My sister in law is considering taking her brain injured young son (my
>nephew) to the Alpha Learning Institute  (WWW.ALPHALEARNING.COM) in
>Switzerland for some kind of Brainwave treatment that I know nothing
>The organisation is run by a man called Sean Adam.
>The claims made by the Alpha Learning Institute for their treatment
>seem (to me) extraordinary.  My nephew is severely disabled due to a
>loss of supply of oxygen to his brain at birth.  Can it really be
>possible that this "Brainwave" treatment can help.
>Don't get me wrong,  I'm not casting any aspersions on this
>organisation-  just looking for son independent verification that this
>may help.
>Anyone know anything?
>Get your free address at

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