HELP!-Alphalearning (follow-up)

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Tue Sep 8 21:04:51 EST 1998

Using Ovid disk, did quick Medline search 1995-1998, did not find Sean
Adam as an author nor as a term used in any abstract.  Did not find
"alphalearning" as a term in any title or abstract either.

Didn't expect to.  See my earlier comments (below):

In <6t2333$4dt at> flefever at
Frank LeFever) writes: 
>Never heard of it, but sounds very familiar--like many, many scams
>we've encountered before.
>A rational first step would be to request a list of all published
>descriptions of the technique and all published outcome studies.  If
>you are offered a book, ignore it. (Anybody can publish anything in a
>book)  Look for articles in peer-reviewed journals.  Ask someone
>knowledgeable to read  them, critically.
>If you don't know anyone competent to read and evaluate that sort of
>material, post the list here and I'm sure a few of us will do so.
>Failing that, at least post a few details about the proposed
>exsct location of the "Institute", etc.  I know some
>in Switzerland who may already have an opinion on it...
>Anoxia is a severe brain insult indeed.  One can have only compassion 
>for a parent whose child has been so disabled; we in the field know
>desperate they can be, and how vulnerable they are to those ready to
>promise them miracles in return for nothing more than their life
>Presumably, if this Sean Adam had accomplished such miracles and had
>published his procedures and others agreed that the miracles were
>indeed real one would not have to travel to Switzerland for the
>treatment.  News travels fast in science and medicine these days.
>F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
>New York Neuropsychology Group
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>leaky_roof at YAHOO.COM (Laurence Marks) writes: 
>>My sister in law is considering taking her brain injured young son
>>nephew) to the Alpha Learning Institute  (WWW.ALPHALEARNING.COM) in
>>Switzerland for some kind of Brainwave treatment that I know nothing
>>The organisation is run by a man called Sean Adam.
>>The claims made by the Alpha Learning Institute for their treatment
>>seem (to me) extraordinary.  My nephew is severely disabled due to a
>>loss of supply of oxygen to his brain at birth.  Can it really be
>>possible that this "Brainwave" treatment can help.
>>Don't get me wrong,  I'm not casting any aspersions on this
>>organisation-  just looking for son independent verification that
>>may help.
>>Anyone know anything?
>>Get your free address at

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