The World is in the Eye

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What is the relation between the physiology of vision and the
world we see? Is what wee see a one-to-one representation of
the world as it "really is", or is it rather true that our visual world
is "created" by the ohysiological processes, so that "The World
is in the Eye":

    An article on the physiology of vision, "The Binding Problem", paradoxes
and several philosophical implications may be found at

and might be of interest to all who would like to know about the subject.
A quote:
    "Dualism, where there is an 'outer world' represented in an 'inner
world', observed by some type of 'soul', operates with observer-independent
objects, which the visual system depicts. As discussed here, vision does not
depict anything in any traditional sense; it constructs a visual world from
a monstrously tangled puzzle of nerve impulses."

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