Trying to develop a computer model of biological neural networks

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>Patience, my friend, patience. I can not do everything instantaneously.
>you are so quick to judge maybe you can tell me how the brain works?

We can look at the brain as a neural net that drives the body to find
sources of water and food, a secure resting place and a mate while avoiding
the predator at all times. When such a brain is idle it has the capability
(if sufficient neurons are present) to consider mathematical demonstrations
and metaphysical expositions.

Designing a mechanical brain is straightforward, constructing it is another
matter. To start off, we have the problem of 10 exp 12 neurons to
instantiate. Don't get lost in the McCarthyesqe notion that mechanizing the
manipulative algebra of the sentential calculus and the provision of a data
base will suffice.

If you are serious about how the brain might work take a look at my
conjecture on my home page. I invite you to rip the hypotheses apart, in
that way I may learn.


If you are interested in the thinking brain look at

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