neuro-science Did they give up?

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Never mind the neuroscientists--did the psychiatrists give up?
Most marvelous example of loose association I've seen in a LONG time!
Worth reading!  Worth archiving!

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>    To: all researchers in all fields
> This is an old letter;Still looking for discussion, directions,
>etc. In regards to my neurological experience.I am a 47 y.o.male
>in california.I have been a neurological groupie since the remarkable
>60s'-70s',28 years of gathering concretes of phenomena.I've attended
>different universities since 1970. Now the 90's, the decade of the
>brain.Psychologically-the neuronal basis of behavior is still my
>major. It may be
>too late for me but all data clinically gathered of my tissue
>is priceless for the kids. A case in point: I have a doctor friend who
>stroked /left-sided /that missed a drug called TPA by one month
>.According to the good doctor,the neural neighborhoods of stroke
>victims in the infarct areas are salvaged thus perfusing tissues; A
>savings of useable real estate - better prognosis! My hope is to
>connect with an institute,doctor,clinician to prevent the good doctors
>dilemma in myself. The gist of the letter to follow is to prevent the
>good doctors dilemma in myself am open to all leads now available
>and been attending lectures at Salk institute since 1991.Please, the
>symptoms listed below are real and precipitated of me in response to
>my environs! It has literally blown my mind as to how much power a
>can command and communicate in time-mass-space.
>    I feel/believe that my 12 cranial nerves and entire cord have been
>abused to
>lesion. I received a cat scan in 97". And am presently awaiting a
>second diagonostic measure? Hopefully from the nuclear medicine people
>that receive this correspondence
>neurologist in town finds nothing as yet. I felt I hadn,t gone to mass
>or neoplasmed as yet and doubt the CT scans results. Francis crick
>told me the technology around the corner. I
>feel "rips"and"pockets";"heat"and "tingles", off and on now for the
>few years.Please bear with the following, although I've paid
>nomenclature we of neurology communicate is not a universal language
>as yet and is half the problem. I am going to
>try: .Med Hx; But first A definition:.Metaphysics=Spirituality= pure
>energy as
>realized in tissue both my tissue and ours -We the peoples. The
>energies converted by me, of us, Is enjoyed first
>behind my nose. The opiate receptor sites. I'm on a natural high
>almost constantly. When I am with others and maintain a certain
>attitude. Is This why Johnny can,t read? In Horace manns classroom
>circus called education? I can communicate the "opiate of the masses"
>to all, they love
>it. Once their unconscious finds me they want it non-stop. Karl
>Lashley.s rats! Its taken me 12
>years to learn the abrahams-Thatch squirt. The expression
>"pressin-dents" has revealed to 
> me what history meant by the Father of our country! George
>chopping-down-cherry-trees-Washington. Its roots  for I have no choice
>the matter any more,  I’m fused to the masses. MY symptoms to date
>effect the assoc. cortex to my dentate, the vermis. I approximately 3
>to 4 times a week
>have a spot of the left associative cortex that rip. Id’ love to
>talk with someone re: brocas brain,including both frontal eyes. The
>pressures are in a constant state of flux accompanied by dull aches;
>My awareness of pressure is intraoccular also. Feels like the retinal
>beds definitely of the vitreous humor. My  trespasses are from left to
>right all the way across
>rolondo.Both frontal eyes ache daily. My proximal-medial- left
>calcarine fissure
>locks-up at vision-1 bi-laterally. I literally feel it knot-up. There
>is a pocket on the right  near primary
>hearing that forces me to tilt my head and sometimes apparently my
>semicircular canals do compensate, Other times the t.v. "feels" and
>adjusts it,
>or a niece or nephew will many times in most remarkable fashion;
>as if they suffer similarly? Fix me-eg."Hey uncle Norm"-I attend; For
>really do not know the etiology of all neurological neoplasms. And
>times the golf ball size cranial cramp disipates. Timely buses, trucks
>and loud garbage trucks restore me also. Apparently the 8th cranial
>nerve amongst the group by proxy affixes to the consciousness most
>"realized" in real time. Its the underlying rhythm-of-the-universe.
>One heart, etc. My retinal attachments
>bi-laterally, also ache at the cilliary ganglia’s foveal
>attachments. An intraoccular pressure. It depends on what, where, how
>many people present, and how I look at the mass en mass! This is not
>naturally taught in the material world ;But to be forced by the laws
>in physics to buy and sell others mass", in-the-Round" ? Whats up? The
>Greeks called  it theater, the Aztecs call it politics, The tort laws
>in England forbade it. And in my countries history, the civil war
>manifest the"consciousness precursors" for the next 100 years. As  now
>realized of our Cox cable TV driven living rooms. God only knows what
>the electromagnetic fields do to the young-the medullablastomics-the
>robot aged seniors, including " Copy cat"  crimes. Headache!…….
> what manifest 
>ears usually win out, demanding my attention. Briefly for those
>listening; If I synchronize my ears with a visual counterpart-I'm high
>on opiates again. "Natilie Wood" they call it sometimes. Everybody
>poolside are in rapture; A
>heaven-on-earth. I literally change or "speed them on to  their next
>event" an exacting joy. The network of 7 years,I presently enjoy, is
>at its height in Santee California: Shouldn't be missed if your in our
>area. I'm presently exhausted, spent; And from what I
>understand stuck! Henri Bergson of France experienced this with
>trepidation as have I.  I believe were shrinking the kids. They’ll
>need drugs. Both Tim Leary and Bill Wilson told us kids. The
>aforementioned symptoms are ballpark items in a
>reality I'm paying for today. William James calls me "god conscious"!
>conscious that for me TV nor film- in the theater- no longer exist for
>me today in fact since 1991
>without my sensory Effects! A crime to me. We of neurology  presently
>are looking -for the brains-nocioceptors abilities cereberally.
>Phineas T. Gage has destroyed many of the more opened minded of some
>intellectually, any way .My experience of brain tissue/nocioception is
>my brains! With proper diagnostics I could help solve many
>misunderstandings. Thus far science says I am not
> supposed to perceive the cognitive processors would love to
>prove to neurology/ site specific phenomena while I'm still rapt!
>Currently I am whats known as FAT![ E="me"(times) neurologically-
>processed- lightenergy]. I have
>checked, most people if any do not admit feeling the brain processing.
>Well, practice and time have
>revealed a remarkable anterior cingulate/dentate gyrus  of my self
>that has been 
>and, hopefully to be, recorded .A functional-mri, gamma knife surgery,
>123 lead EEGs worn for however long, I met a doctor{ Ph.D.} who uses
>two daus computers running simultaneously to do fancy lie detecting
>not tissue function we of neurology
> require for nuclei mapping. The Doppler-ultra sound stuff for
>perfusablities. I’m way willing. Don't really
>care what techniques are used.Chemicals! whatever.please respond, all
>inquires are
>cherished. I'll travel any where necessary  for clinical
>participations. P.S. bottom line/it's a joy working for "Our father"
>you will; The speed freak junkie he and all his kids are. I have been
>amazed beyond your wildest dreams and experiences. I was told in 1986
>this full-time-job
>for me was comming. Some fellow travlers, if you will, told me! Took
>me 13years of spiritual discipline. Poor Frederick Nietzsche was lost
>to this. The unified fields that flux me and you of  every room I
>enter-for me, has proven; That we of added channels of consciousness
>apparently have fused societies over the ages . Do not know yet how we
>are chosen. Us 1951 spock-truman-dewy kids are being drug by this
>consciousness train; Our children will not be ignorant !! OF this
>phenomena any longer. This in  regards to A technology, that for the
>first time ever is approaching a
>speed of light consciousness understanding tissue-wise. The collect
>that got that FDR. Ronald Reaguns, JFK, the air traffic controllers in
>1990’s and I wish we could do something with COX catv technology as
>expressed in my living room. The
>attorney general of my country in 1968 June 5th, RFK’s bullet hole
>pictured in that months life mag. Its exact location Express what to
>you? Sir hand-Sir hand? Also got James Brady. Ernst Mach was reduced
>on a train in
>Germany. This list for me goes on and on .Was Einstein and Palo alto
>blowing in the white house wind ALA FDA’s stroke in 1944. The dates
>along with the
>neurologically concise locations of where he[WE] were at that exact
>moment. Look at the three shots JFK received in Dallas. Bad idea
>telling a Texan on Nov. the 22nd in 1964 that we the people are going
>to expect half of all he produces energy-wise for energy=sex =money
>"Collective’! good luck. Its Amazing the "unconscious collected "!the
>Japanese say God-zilla. The carnage I’ve seen In my life time has
>shown me a"collective"
>template us baby boomers must address for the next generation. All the
>attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children, all
>stammerers, stutterers, aphasics, dyslexics, alcoholics, drug
>addicts, etc, along with a new one alzshiemers, plane crashes and
>second-handered car accidents will now and forever be a conscious part
>of our "conscious" process. Technology, time and tissue have come
>together none
>too soon for me. In closing. "Having accessed a power greater than
>myself" I have become a piece of that power, Too much at ground zero
>milleniac, please advise; All diagnostics; chemicals; chat-lines;
>travelers experiences.....too much mass that moves and expects warm
>fuzzies from me all day!!! once the holy ghosts, or the national guard
>as   bush calls them, finds out that I "we" can recover they love
>the high. To be in a festingered dissonance/panic attached mode and
>then to have us recover for them till they can Learn and do it for the
>next generation Its indescribable to watch our Men ,woman , and
>children survive their dark moments with us to live-complete again? My
>experience like
>Nietzsche, Wittgenstien, Kant, most certainly  Weber! Henry Davids
>Throeau, and bill Clintons-oils too. Our conscious process is always
>right there on the edge! What and where does a man do? Fused to
>everybody, of every second, everyday, everywhere he  is?
>nteisan at to win in San Diego  California !!!
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