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>can someone please tell me what is the pathology of epilepsy

What's pathology?

Don't get the question, so maybe this is not the answer.
All I know are to do with artificial frequencies/ energies, not there
in nature.

So as such it might not be unnatural, but more that others do stuff
that is unnatural to other people.

I tell you a picture sequence of LSD:

I did some stuff too long to explain to do with sort of channelling
music and picking the wrong one, and then some area goes overload with
the too high input and starts to "cramp-pulse". That pulse seems to
get stronger each beat, like more and more of the surrounding cells /
cluster joining and the area gets bigger and bigger.

If not isolating it fast ... ( if you can best to dock out of the
entire sector, kick out the stuff that caused the pulse, and keep
focussing on stuff not to do with that sector & relaxing a lot
afterwards until the clusters there are "calmed" enough for going on)
... then it will spread more and more.

If I got it witin 3-4 pulses than usually I could stop it.

After that it might fast get so big, that it sort of spills over into
other areas and then there is sort of a pretty far-going off-lining of
me, too, and jerks through the body.

When you cannot get the pulse to stop cause some idiot has to make it,
best make counter pulses.
Very irregular humming, toying with your ear, own irregular rhythms.

Don't focus on that pulse.

Any pulse coming up if you know the sector straight dock off if you
can and power centrally elseplace, best to some other very irregular
rhythm, to counter that one.
Try to make the nones you generate with the help of other sectors so
"big" that it effects that area.

Even better suggestion:
"Simply" move to land with no artificial regular pulses around (best
not even having electricity in the region nor streets, so people can't
bring in technical wave crap that easily),
and avoid many  drugs completely.
Especially those of the "group of sense-enhancers".

Check out if you still have epilepsy then.
Maybe it is gone then.


Once upon a time there was someone who had cells  reacting more
powerfully to regular beats like feet of animals running in to eat
So he woke uop before others or ran first at such occasions.

Some - a lot f.e. in places of Africa - therefore with that trait in
their genetic line survived more and got more young surviving.

Then the Vatican came along and did not want  people to know how Jesus
healed the blind and  other stuff, so they could shovel more money and
declare to be THE voice of God, going on about camels and needle stuff
and loving the next starving one like yourself in your riches, and so
and forbade using the senses leading to magic by punishment of death
and also wiped out the druids / competition / the knowlege of
thousands of years of northern Europe / most of the cultures.

The sense-censored ones left behind now no longer could straight look
into another brain, could not do telepathy, were lonely, and developed
devices to perceive in the ranges where they now no longer could,
getting more detail data than the magicians of other cultures and the
few remaining ones in the areas their systems claimed, but never
understanding how things belonged together as well, and invented
devices to fill the voids where the other senses should have made
inputs, for example of other minds in the own.

So the sense-censored, often very lonely cripples, crippling the
flowering axon structures of their babies to that of sense-cripples,
made machines sending artificial waves that went into the data canal
in the double helix of the cells, altering what was read, causing
sent waves, that made powerful rhythms in the ones rhythm-sensitive,
causing cramp-like pulses until they jerked on the floor, 
and if they have not died of cancer yet, they are still meeting at
some annual congress to argue and fight verbally who might get what
frequency ranges to torture the senstive of Earth with.

End of story.


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