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Sun Sep 20 14:09:41 EST 1998

Acid Pope II (leaving  "career" open for anyone else):  

Posting the Dragon Post:

Some of the the opinions for the day (open to changes at other days
hopefully to come but on this world not sure to come ...)  :

As   Frank ...     pointed out  - IF I recall right - he'd like me and

the likes like me (and anything nearly alike it, THAT also doesn't fit
FRANK's (free and frank) ideas of the brain, THE (lol!!!heehee)
memory, what's  SUPPOSED TO BE  in   HIS  room where he and 
the likes like him)'d like 
to censor 



drugged (and indicated out of HIS way).

Now, so far I have  not really had the time to aswer that,

as I have some other things in my life going on, too.

(Apart from more interesting things, other people like him wanting to
remove me 
Frank: and ways better, than you Frank, ways better, power of Germany
and good Nazi ways how to treat the dumb little retarded ones behind,
neat ways they have here to shut you up. 
Gone you are 

like many of the other's,  (I hail thee pathes if for the good)

(to anyone surviving, needing help, come here, but heed my time, too;
I can fix brains to an extent in some weird "autistic" way, even some
of what they do to yourself and your other brainparts in these
horrible places of horrible psychiatry messing and junkying and
destroying  so much one too much and lethally much (and all system
sheep look away) in brain areas they do not even vaguely

only today they  don't call it "KZ" but "Nervenheilanstalt...(f.e.
Osnabrueck)" and GONE you are, neatly targeted straight to where you
folks find the data  out for them, own centers of some of the others
suffering there, not bad, 10 target points for neurology!)  

But having just taken an old Dragon (trip, four) 

and doing the Dragon Test,

I thought I'd honour it 

and it's makers 

(take the damn! Hyperstuff out, will ya, folks in Netherland or
This sucks. 
But 2 years old they do have their energetic MAGIC flavour, my

by  answering officially  as Acid Pope II (leaving  "career" open for
anyone else):  

You suck!


(To the author of B&B: Thou and Loriot have been awarded &named Honor
Gugu in our religion of "GUGU-ism", though more for the teacher,
should we ever meet I'd have a stack of questions for you...) 

Now we come 

(... thanks to people in the FU-Berlin backing up free opinion, 
that else would have been censored to not arrive here,
as was demanded...)

(German: Persoenliche Meinung: "Freie Universitaet" mit ZENSUR.
Beleidigung des Begriffs "frei".)

to what you might term, classify and drug away as

"MCD/MBD Autism"

How neat.

Nice words for putting "I don't  understand either."

Words that significantly mark the Westie Culture.

Killing human A, stealing his stuff and having a real good time 
= "colonialsm" (German: Ach wie niedlich, wie Gaertchenkolonie)

Killing human B, stealing his stuff and having a real good time 
= "crime"

And not to be dealt with by going to all concerned and trying to make
all feel as O.K. as  still possible,
and seeing to that all get the best mental balancing advice help that
is possible.

But by some BLINDfolded Justitia,  poking around with some sword,
getting people away from telling the  truth,

but as Justitia here  is nearly like in "the good old times"further
comments are "of course" getting you into sword's range.

So remarks about sticking humans into cages for things that were far
less evil shall fall as short as the ones in the cages tend to be
conveniently blended out.

German: Jemand hat damals  mal so  etwas gesagt: 

Als sie die Kommunisten eingesperrt haben habe ich nichts gesagt, war
ja kein Kommunist.
Als die die Juden eigesperrt haben, habe ich nichts gesagt, war ja
kein Jude.
Dann haben sie mich eingesperrt, und keiner war mehr da, der was sagen

Now to come back to points like me being drugged, shut up and moved

The longer version of

"you suck"


....not following your wordstyle anymore.
(Have you ever tried 4 trips at once into a brain that has the
language structurer left out front damn damaged,
sat down in the frequency-cancer-fire of the computer,
and taken a small part of a Dragon Test
in an alien language? Then you might guess what this one took me.)

...and might follow after a break-time, as my sides indcate they'd
like some poison out ;-).

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