Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

David McWha jadm at cs.waikato.ac.nz
Mon Sep 21 16:21:36 EST 1998

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: >> In comp.arch Jack Andrews <amiga at primenet.com> wrote:
: >> > What about the "Woman of the millenium"?
: >> > Talk about a sexist bunch of crap--------->"man of the millenium"
: >>
: >> Be realistic.  Most of millenial history has been written about and by men.
: >> Trying to deny this is silly.
: there's certainly no denying that, but this is an interesting statement.
: are you saying past errors in documenting history justify excluding
: women from the "man of the millenium" discussion? women have made
: important contributions to our world as well as men, and excluding them
: for the above reason seems short-sighted AT BEST.

Actually, Time Magazine seems to use the term "man" pretty loosely. From when I
looked at the list of previous "men of the year" a few months ago I seem to
recall they chose women, groups of people (American scientists, if you can
believe it) and even the planet Earth once!

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