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F. Frank LeFever wrote:
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> Long-time readers of this newsgroup, who have seen some of KC Cheng's
> mixed messages (some sense, some nonsense) would not recommend this as
> a good site for a beginner; in other words, you have to know something
> to separate the sense from the nonsense...
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> >Goodyboy wrote:
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> >> Does anyone know where a 13 year old student could learn neurology
> or
> >> neuroscience.I'm really interested in the nervous system and my
> ambitio=
> >n is
> >> to become a great neurologist one day
> >> =
> >
> >> Thannks
> >You can try my webpage below. It's a little difficult there.  But I am=

> >completing an 8-hour video which is very comprehensible for world wide=

> >release on Jan 1/1999(for release to Portugal this September on its
> >completion). =
> >
> >
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> >kccheng =BEG=ABa=B8s
> >http://www.easyhosting.com/~kccheng
Re the above:
It's true that the beginners would not be able to comprehend the full
extent of my scientific understanding.  That goes for a lot of Ph.D.s
too.  It would do well for you to have a chance to see my 10-hour video
first.  Then, you'll see what the truth is and what is nonsense.  I
speak no nonsense, write no nonsense, and preach no nonsense.  It's the
nonsense out there that is not yet comprehending the real truth!
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kccheng =BEG=ABa=B8s

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