Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

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Tue Sep 22 01:23:16 EST 1998

In article <6u6qrt$gsp$1 at news.indy.net>, d9090 at indy.net says...
> Jack Andrews wrote in message <36031689.B94BD396 at primenet.com>...
> >What about the "Woman of the millenium"?
> And your nominee would be?????
> >Talk about a sexist bunch of crap--------->"man of the millenium"
> >> >>Ludwig van Beethoven
> >> As do I.  Shakespeare.
> Issac Newton.   (that from a Shakespeare and huge Beethovan fan.)

Well for the men, I'll throw in:

- Andrew Wiley (proved Fermat's last theorem, possibly the greatest 
intellectual feat of all time.)

- John von Neuman (inventor of the computer, the ultimate society 
assisting invention of man.)

- Mikhail Gorbachev (made the greatest and most important peace in the 
history of mankind.)

- Charles Darwin (for discovering probably the most fundamental law 
governing life.)

For the women its a little harder.  The only one I can think of of truly 
monumentus consequence is:

- Marie Curie (discovered radiation, whose applications to modern science 
are too numerous to name.)

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