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Mon Sep 21 01:58:34 EST 1998

Dredd <dyer at> wrote:

>Oh Boy!
>Cijadrachon wrote:
>> Acid Pope II (leaving  "career" open for anyone else):
>Major snip..
>> ...and might follow after a break-time, as my sides indcate they'd
>> like some poison out ;-).

I did not say  it is healthy, I mentioned semi-colleagues being
against that, and wild double-helix theories and cancer, not to
mention all the mess of wrong "synapse-singnals" it causes. 

But I enjoy learning more about other stuff and the subatomic ranges,
mind-linked for others, and so far I know no better drug,
though there are real unhealthy mixes allowing  even more in some of
the areas. 

In case I should stop liking it before I die, I might resign (maybe
just for a while),
being Acid Pope is not the sort of Pope you are obliged to be forever,
though it might seem fitting if you choose  to be so for some.

I have danced with death since i am child and was born in the shadow
of of part of  my system's death.

I know it is unhealthy, in case that was what you seeked to point out.

And Timothy Leary had  a reason to recommend just taking clean stuff.

He still died of cancer from what  I heard.

Feel free to go a different "career" that is more thy path and

I do not think you seriously understand what it is like for me to link
with experienced enough minds and and start out to sort of look there.

My current magic teacher claimed that a damaged brain might get whole
data from the other side.

He said that all could be healed that way.
I don't think so.
Nor am I sure I am interested in that, after having "spooked a tiny
bit" through about a hundred heads so far.

But I'd like to get a bit better as I did not study special education
for no reason, and -  as you might know about who might be termed
"MBCD-autists" from your system, not all can reach the possibly very
damaged language structure your branch terms Broca's ...blabla,
and you might lack the perspective of it seeming like some dark (due
to colour lack compared to nearby systems) island that the only time I
"saw" it seemed left out frontish;
you wouldn't guess how far away it could be to there from the
cholinergi limbic system if not connected properly possible due to
less cells & axons.   

However the old magic way to communicate..., being a very old function
of the own I - areas, who likely developd from sort of frequency
selector to what they do now, though this is a bit too long to get
into that here,  nor am I sure I'd like to, ... might still be intact.

Though I do not know yet if I am ever to work much in that area, it is
among the ones I feel a certain call for in me.

As I am sort of to one third what you might term "autist", though I
still prefer the name "mental segregation", I have deep insights into
a few areas you might not have and not understand.

Nor might you understand that why I consider damaging my health at
times like I just did this night - or  in  inner explorations - worth
it, not just for me.

Your remark, however, was wisely put.

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