Neurology, the FEVERing and the likes ... (Join the the club ;-)

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Mon Sep 21 02:36:18 EST 1998

Dredd <dyer at> wrote:

>Oh Boy!

>> ...and might follow after a break-time, as my sides indcate they'd
>> like some poison out ;-).
 By the way, that remark was there on intention.
You might have overlooed that some starter's instructions were  in
what I wrote to possibly new students of LSD,
it is important to watch such stuff, and know when to leave  something
seeming rather whatever to  the own sectors  of getting warnings from

You might also have overlooked the ;-).

It was not a  :-)

It was a sarcastic remark, too, just in case you did not notice.

It IS unhealthy, 
and  the remark had to do with that, too.

It sort  of  was an instruction to newies to watch  these things, as
one should not tax sectors ways to much.

By the way, to possible reading LSD beginners, sort of hightened good
(!) water uptake and "downloading it into the toilet" often in the
next days  might  be advisable, too, after taking drugs like LSD.

Sort of  helping to rinse the poison  out.

Certain sports exercises might wise, too,
listening to the own body advisable.

The LSD kitchen chef recommends buying substances sort of sincly
(vitamins, amino acids and so on), to avoid swallowing tables,
and maybe to dip through the powers or whatever, liesting well to what
your systems say, as the kidney might not be lelighted of too much
other stuff either.
I also recommend not to high dosages of honey of a sort the seems

On drugs attacking teeth, rinsing them with water and maybe leaning
them in more thorough ways after stuff seeming to be hard on the teeth
might be wise.

Soemone asking me what my preferred meal would be was not pleased  by
the answer of having all substances my systems might need in sort of
pulverized or other small form in front of me to sort of store up the
banks appropriately,
something I might expecially recommend to some MCD/MBD people, too.

(MCD = Minimal Brain Dysfunction, in my time at university being
guessed to everey 10th to 20th person having it, often unnoticed, as
the I.Q could be high in spite of damaged brain cells.)

Sort of differing energy-systems might have it easier with appropriate
though ability to dosage  right should be watched, concerning
different substances and  sort  of  a  "feeling" (not just one) what
combines how.

Since being at topic jumping.

Anyone happening to maybe read this and know and willing to share, I
am seeking some data about multiple sclerorsis and magic.

Having toyed sending from my brain straight into my hand in front of
my  forehead magically a bit, though not having gotten far, more  sort
of some fleeting tests, 
it seemeth suspiciously to me, that I'd like to  know more about
mentioned topic.

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