Acid Pope II, addressing interested students concerning THE TEMPLE OF THE MIND

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(Adding to the according post in bionet.neuroscience)

(Meandering through topics to do with "seeing", telepathy and some

(Starting on the sense-enhancer THC this might be far easier than
sober, or starting on the powerful hallucinogen LSD.)

... 1.40 distance.
Enough so you can "blend the other one out", close enough that still a
lot can be transferred, not to close, so that tension levels between
systems have more time to ease to each other and are not so strongly

So far I tend to tell my students to imagine two Buddhas or two
Yourney(wo)men of Magic sitting opposite each other,
brain-halves parallel, optic nerves pointing into each other, but
focus trying to taking in all.

Though maybe not getting to Buddha's Powers of Tuning Down and the I
out, and back to older functions of perceptions,

you should at least strive there.

...You start with both putting your focus, 
though eyes aim at each other,
too all points, especially far to the sides.

Taking in the other one as little as possible!!!

After breathing out stop until it gets uncomfotable, when breathing in
imagine you suck the others energies closer into foucs, but not so
they "ripple and go to wrong tensions".
Breathing out energy-watching and controlled  DON"T target at the
other one. But aim a bit away around.
Sort of boosting up the magical cables.
Then stay down there again without breathing until it gets too

If the other one is not too far away from your breathing rhythm, sort
of match parallel a bit if that does not bother you.

I tend to sometimes tune there, then relax to my rhythm, if I am
praticing this with a newie, and  then might be doing one or the other
(or something else), depending on what I do.

If, optic nerves still pointing at each other as said, you sort of
zero your thinking  activity and then give the focus command "all
points" (wether nearby, away, right &  left.. and later even behind,
though in that one I am still utterly bad in),
and then together with the low oxygen of not breathing shift into
deeper "energy reserve levels" of the brain,
then with breathing in power up, and then sort of energize out, and
then repeat it,
and you don't stop blurring, and enhance it with the command subatomic
or German literally "hellsehen" and the command lights at all points,
eventually you might get the hang of which ranges pop up where  and
what you can use which for.
I know of more thousands than I can count,
each sort of like the deflector optics the Vatican sense-censored
sheep tend to limit themselves to,
feeling like a set(tting) of energies.

In the start it might seem like blurring; 
if you continue long enough, eventually you should start to come to
notice different "sets of energies" going with different inner stages.
With the breathing technique and as long as you keep the focus as I
said, you should go down in energy through many ranges, when you
breath in up again, and then repeat.
That way eventually you should be able to learn more which inner
energy ranges go with which out ones.
When the face of the other one is starting to blurr, DON'T make
pictures of it.
As soon as he starts to blurr and is seeming to become more
translucent, though having eye-nerves pointing at each other, try to
not see him,  as seeing is turning into aiming, and aiming into
another brain before the face is  fully gone is usually not good and
might even cause damages, that  might start with "pressure-tensions"
going into headaches.
By the way, watering  eyes usually mean, that one of  both did not
blink enough or that one is aiming into the other one on too high,
maybe not well- matched ranges or the wrong ones.

Imagine you and the other are sitting opposite in a tunnel of about
half a meter around.
In the start, though optic nerves point at each other, avoid aiming
into the tunnel, and try to take in all points around and later also
all TONES (especially  FAR away) and both extend energies behind you.

When you know how to change between hundreds of the other ranges,
focus into the tunnel, but not at the other one.
Sort of halo-scanning, but from your sides down the lengths of the
tunnel around the  other one's head, blending his head out / sort of
ignoring it.
Change ranges like you did before, very many.

This way you start scanning on different ranges.
Around the head of the  other one are brain energies, and as he is
doing / tuning so with you, too, you are starting to learn more and
more about them.
Even when  the face of the other one is gone, don't straight aim into
it, but keep aiming around and practicing, until you both get used to
just having energy blurrs (second face) instead of a face in front of
and until can change through many ranges  where there is no face of
the other one visible. (Sort of  instead of 3-D  magic-dimensional.)

When needing breaks, a  good way is to not look at each other, closing
eyes, not  making activities inside, and I then tend to have  the
feeling that the own energies return to their natural levels
eventually. Then I tend to leave them there a bit, then eventually
power up again, opening eyes, and might pick ("normal") optic focus
targets like out of the window or many different ones in the room, as
that  might be easier for the eyes in break time.
After a bunch of  minutes I am usually far enough to shift to other
ranges again.
In the start I often could just do about 7 minutes, and  with some
ranges I am still there, but there are many where now I  can stay a
lot longer, and the  person who first taught me that said that he has
been staying for hours linked with others on ranges that are quite
difficult for me and that I can't do long.

If I have not done  sports in  a while, my muslces might also protest
much faster than when they are used to being used certain ways. 
Same as in sports one should not overdo it.

When  you both got quite used to the other's face being magic
dimensional, "keep the tunnel around" but also aim at the back of your
head, where the transformerbanks are, which the  neuros might term
blabla areas of the occipital cortex, also take in the other one's
back  of the head.
Do the same with the shoulders. 
But not(!!!) with the other  one's belly, leave his organs in peace.
(Unless you both are out for that  or maybe both are very
Imagine aiming at your back of the head & shoulders (;-) you make
pathways for the other one to use, 
and when doing parallel aiming at his, that you both want to tune to
each other without uncomfortable tensions coming up, 
so that you sort of parallel match and  aim more and more for

When getting too many headaches 
(often  bad tuning, too high energies, aiming too much into the other
one and too little into own occipital regions) 
 instead try to imagine that you in back of the head of the other one
and want to perceive yourself as blurring energies through his eyes.
(Or add that exercise, it's the only one where I recall someone doing
stuff  of which I am fairly sure that he actually got axon control,
fascinating & spoooky! ;-)
It might happen that you start seeing faces of both.
That means you start to be in both areas, holding this stage you might
you could also talk with your trainingspartner and try to change
between perceiving more one and then the other, sort of going back and
forth slowly.

Linking the first way (parallel tuning between backs of heads&
Should the face of the other one pop up again, immediately shift prime
focus into the imagined tunnel again, and  keep shifting through
energy ranges until the face of the other is gone for a while again.

Repeat occipital docking a few times.
Going in and out, loads of energy groups pop up, which are additional
magic cabels. (Linking especially the two vast transformer banks in
the back of the heads. And also other brain-regions).
However to spook around in the brain of another person, unless not
naturally very careful and gifted, (guessing, never counted them),
apart  from much care not to cause the other one headaches, might
take  the understanding of thousands  of energy ranges and hundreds
within the head.
So if you go on straight exploring in the other's head you have a good
chance  for headaches and  damages.

Therefore once you have the feeling you got an occipital link-through
established, staying connected "move to far away to the sides and
around"  again and go through different outer ranges again.
Experiment around there.

This is also called akasha-surfing.

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