Civilopathy and the Decline of America

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Tue Sep 22 20:52:34 EST 1998

>A Theory of the Control of the Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Homo sapiens 
>by the Interaction of Dehydroepiandrosterone and the Amygdala
Which part of the amygdala and what interreaction(s)?

> Many of them end up in prison.  
Speaking for the anti-social behaviour of others and not seeming
likely to make people more social afterwards, if anything bringing
many far more out of inner balances & caring far less about a lot of

>They are an evolutionary failure, because their antisocial characteristics
>reduce their ability to reproduce.  Not many women find them attractive.
>They do not leave many offspring, partly because they are often in jail. 
Which then is no evolutionary failure.
And you seem to forget (lack of) education.
Starting already with T.V. programs in the USA.

> They should be evolutionary successes,
>because they should reproduce rapidly. 
I guess we don't have enough  people yet, would be some success if we
could go to 8 million and then go double every generation, best
getting 5-6 children in case some die,
hoping for 
16 billion, 32, 64, 128, ~250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16 000,
32 000, 64 000,   128 000 billion, etc.....
Now, thats what I call evolutionary success!

> Women find them very attractive.
You mean this social, kind, chewing gummy type sticking socially to
you,  maybe like a doggie coming running though you kick them, being
very social?
You are not a woman, are you?

Let me give you a hint:
Look at T.V., male types favoured there.

You might notive that looks and being able to hit the other in the gob
come long before bringing the rubbish down or doing the ironing.

>I coined the word, “civilopathy,” to explain a phenomenon that I think
>occurs within every civilization.  If I am correct, civilopaths, male and
>female, will reproduce faster than people who posses a conscience, or if you
>prefer, morals.
Have you ever observed many rats or humans living squeezed together
and the birthrate?
There might be a few bio-mechanisms escaping your attention.
 Some author, last name Durant if I recall right, has written some
rather intersting stuff about that, too, in the past, though he lacks
He mentioned a culture in America where women would usually not get
children before 30, and mentioned several throttling children or
killing them in other ways straight after birth, one believing that
two children was just about the correct number to get and have grow

>  People who have sex without morals will produce more
Define morals.

> He will, like all of us, seek positions in our society which are most rewarding in money, power, or
I guess I am not all of us so far, nor a bunch of people I know.
Respect I regard as often sought by people who are so instable that
they need that. And might give it to someone for  example cleaning up
someone else's puke. Which for me is not to do with a position but an
inner attitude for which that person might get something resembling
respect of me, as I know how difficult that'd be for me.

>... our society.”  I suggest that this is what is currently occurring in America.  
Your society is not mine, and I doubt that all of America is the same.

>within our leaders.

I take it your are not regarding the world from an individualistic
point of view.

>(You may read my explanation of the biological mechanism 
>that drives the increase in civilopathy at the end of my explanation of human evolution ...
Have my own theories there, and alone the singular in "biological
mechanism" sounds suspicious.

Would it be possible that you are overlooking several thousand
bioprograms in areas of the amygdala and hypothalamus alone?

Might it also be that with your Decline of America you express that
you have never been to all of it and generalize merrily? 

Consider stopping "our"ing.

And I assume some of the neuros in here would like some more about
areas of the brain and what is going on in them.


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