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Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at fox.tamu.edu
Wed Sep 23 20:46:20 EST 1998

K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
: Walter Eric Johnson wrote:
: > =
: > K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
: > : What's wrong with being a kook so lon as he has that talent and
: > : knowledge?  It's better being a talented kook than being an ignorant
: > : dummkopf(dummy)!  Einstein was a kook! =
: > =
: > You have grieviously maligned Dr. Albert Einstein.  He was not a kook!
: > On the contrary, he was one of the most esteemed scientists of all
: > time.
: > =
: > There is no honor in being a kook.  In fact, kooks are invariably
: > looked down upon by the people they are trying so hard to impress.
: > And once you become known as a kook, your repuatation is probably
: > impossible to salvage.
: > =
: > It seems to me that kooks are often those people who wish to get
: > attention in some field but who either do not wish to put in the
: > work required to contribute to the field or who are incapable of
: > putting in the work required.  The result is that anyone past a
: > minimum level of sophistication in the field finds it impossible
: > to take you at all seriously.
: > =
: > That does not describe Dr. Einstein at all.
: > =
: > It does describe a n of people i
: > =
: > Do not confuse kooks with people considered to be somewhat
: > eccentric.
: > =
: > Eric Johnson
: If that is your definition of a "kook,"  I am not one either. However,
: don't you think you call me a "kook" in that restricted sense too
: early?  How do you know I do not wish to contribute  to knowledge? I
: just said that I have a 10.5 hour video coming out to make it
: comprehensible to even high school students.    Why you want to jump to
: conclusions when you don't know enough to esteem me, much less paying me
: the right esteem you give to Einstein?

Looking at your web pages, I find it incomprehensible that anyone
could really believe that crap.  It strikes me more as a con game
to get people who don't know any better to buy the crap.

Looking at your web page, it is completely obvious that you are
totally ignorant of anything in the realm of neuroscience.  You
make up for that remarkable ignorance by making it up.

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