Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

Patrick Juola juola at mathcs.duq.edu
Wed Sep 23 17:00:55 EST 1998

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>>> Andy Ylikoski schrieb:
>>> > 
>>> > My suggestion is the head of the American Revolution, George
>>> > Washington.  He is the man who did the most for the benefit of the
>>> > human race.
>>> Or are you implying that George Washington's leading of the American
>>> Revolution had some other benefit than just creating the first "modern"
>>> (this can be argued) democracy in the world?
>>> If yes, are you suggesting that the American hegemony has done us any
>>> good?
>I'd be hard pressed to say there was any 'American hegemony' until
>about 1945.

The Monroe Doctrine dates back to the early 1800s; I'd say that it's
as clear an expression of the ideal of American hegemony as anything
can be in history.  

And what does this have to do with AI?


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