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>You have grieviously maligned Dr. Albert Einstein.  He was not a kook!
>On the contrary, he was one of the most esteemed scientists of all
By shamans? Wtches? Indian magicians?
Or by sense-censored  sheep?

>There is no honor in being a kook.  In fact, kooks are invariably
>looked down upon by the people they are trying so hard to impress.
Eg.3ing & testosteroning...

>It seems to me that kooks are often those people who wish to get
>attention in some field but who either do not wish to put in the
>work required to contribute to the field or who are incapable of
>putting in the work required.  The result is that anyone past a
>minimum level of sophistication in the field finds it impossible
>to take you at all seriously.
>That does not describe Dr. Einstein at all.
>It does describe a number of people infesting this and other 
>Eric Johnson

Are you talking to yourself?

All can be in newsgroups, and  Cheng is less insulting than you seem
to be.
And though a lot of Cheng's stuff is wrong a lot of neuro- and other
people with their theories are, too.

At least, if I recall right, Cheng got to the point of fields, while
some here are still at neorons and axons  forever, somehow seem to
overlook the numbers and role of glia and are unwilling to use sensde
that are thousands of years old, pretending that some data that they
worked up that is likely older than writing itself, has just been
discovered by them... only forgetting to add the ...finally, too.

Let everybody do their theories; if you know a bit about the brain,
then you you sort of might know where the diamonds sparkle among the
And that the crap itself often is speaking of other stuff that might
be interesting in itself.

Take the refusal of the neuros to admit where we are.

First theorizing around frontal  cortex crap, then some coming with
bigger net-size, THE consciousnesS, and bunches of  similar stuff to
abuse people of the other mammal races.
How long is it known which centers are destroyed at Alsheimers?
How many braindamaged & blocker-drug users hop over this planet naming
parts in these areas as their I-location?

If I should take a guess we are going to hear bunches of nice theories
why we are not there, why they have to poke around in the hippocampus
of other people of the other  races kept imprisoned forever and a day,
any crap bot to lose the dear guinea-pigs, and humans are, of course
ever so much more valuable, justifying it...
Compared to that Cheng is fairly O.K.,
and he certainly has aspect about him I value.

However I'd not recommend reading him to someone 13 either.

I find Cheng more interesting in what I observed concerning dealing
with other people.

To the one 13 and seeking data:

Nagging some people, reading inbook-shops until they start getting
impatient about it, libraries, and seeing if you can get access to the
local university's library and read it there, find some  way to borrow
books or get someone to borrow some for you might be a way.
Watch the date, when the book was written.

Also keep in mind that people imprisioning others, cutting areas of
their brain out alive or mutilating around in them in other ways tend
to seek justifications for it.

I-centers are withing the limbic system.
Some say the brain stem already has an I-perception, too, though still
more to do with awareness, not really with "I think  therefore I am".
I do not know, could never perceive back there consciously.

Neuros also tend to babble forever about axons and synapse-stuff.

And the body and glia and subatomic stuff somehow seem to be of little
An advice: Don't make that mistake.

Another advice: Learn the senses the Catholics forbade and read some
stuff to do with some sort of little cube of the HHI in Berlin and
maybe some other stuff and spend some thoughts how to combine magic
and technology.

The same as a magically trained person can aim many places and some
heal even minor forms of cancer, I see no reason why with advanced
technology the same should not be possible in a far more precise
though maybe less flexible way.
Subatomically targetting through to stuff saves cutting up people.

Might become an operation way of the future.


Next part has likely wrong parts (!!!) and is rather simplified, but
it is what I'd have like when I was 13.

Finid some picture with the hippocampal areas, one on each side of the
brain, two sort of big cables looping up towards the diagonal band and

Imagine you are a data-selector and have a base memory bank with
powerful event, but not detail data, that's towards down out front in
the frontal cortex.

Imagine your ancestors had  to chose among data coming in from the
body, hearing .. short frequency data, sort of being above you in the
cingulate gyrus.
And give preferences to different inner programs running parallel from
other sectors.

Now, as it would not see to your and your possible ancestors prolonged
continuing if a (?)sabertoothed tiger comes at you,
and you either start to scan it subatomically or start to count the
stripes and the cute dear kittie,
but taking one look at the big teeth, just surface reflection
sufficient, and not pondering the exact centimeters, and  decide for
"run", "dive into the lake" or something like that,
sort of compacting inputs (not subatomically, and categorizing, which
from what I read someplace might have to do with the temporal
lobes???)  and choosing the correct inputs, giving the right output
might see to you surviving and being able to have ancestors.

The more you are able to think, and  the better your decisions, the
more likely that you are surviving and your off-spring, too.

If you imagine yourself like part of some sort of CPU, it is you
yourself in the cholinergic limbic system, the front half (and maybe
also the back, not  sure) of the cingulate gyrus, sort of a relay
station towards the lower part of the frontal cortex of which I do not
know the name, (MIGHT have tones going into it and also connections up
into the cingulate gyrus), and the lower part of the frontal cortex.
(Might be some other areas, too, that so far escaped  my attention,
and I never could perceive the temporal cortex, so I do not know hwat
role it plays.)

There is another CPU that is supervising movement sequences, and that
I therefore call the sequencer.

No idea where it is, but if someone were to ask me to guess, I'd say
it is (most of the) the thalamus, together with the striata, and the
upper part of the frontal  cortex being used as extension banks, maybe
similar like oneself uses the lower  part.

Among other things the extension banks have to do with  parallel
tracking and being able to keep track longer.

The fornix going off from the hippocampus branches, so there is also a
part called mamillary bodies.

And there is another part "on the other branch" called nucleus
I guess these are two main points where the two CPUs connect.

With who in the West are called "autists" the two CPUs are often not
exchanging data, but are running parallel.

Supervising motoric sequences the sequencer-CPU can think to a very
limited extent as well, though not seeming to have an "I" perception.
Also it has own data storage.

But  a lot of the sequencer has to do with sort of automatic programs,
which is one of the reasons "autists" might want all in the same place
(also trees and rocks don't  tend to change locations much in nature,
either) or go for repetitive games.

Eye control  can be under the command of the sequencer CPU or the own.

Segregating systems for to long (with me being docked off most of two
hours), "leaving the body to the sequencer" might not be wise, as the
two CPUs might then have more trouble when linking together again.

Although I probably should not say this out loud, the sequencer can
drive a car several kilometers through Berlin. And also sort 5 digit
postal codes, which it sees as pictures, though. Jobbing at the post
back then I noticed that the sequencer has about half to a third of
the distribution speed than we I link in, too, and learning alone it
seemed to  be at a tenth of my speed.

For all I know it's motorical and likely also optic capacities
outrange mine by far.

In my head the two CPUs run usually segregated, keeping connecting in
between,  but from what I heard from others, they are connected more
with the sequencer CPU and the ones I asked said that theirs can't
think as much as mine.

Maybe if it working a lot alone it is developing more thinking
capacities than when nearly constantly being supervised by the own

Comparing the two CPUs there are many parallels, thta made me wonder
if the sort of delays of data going from sector to sector and back
have to do wiht thinking.

The sequencer is also interesting I guess for some who want to  build
artificial intelligences.

I think it would not be immoral like using limbic structures, and also
by functions the sequencer is rather intersting for that.

For emotion generators (eg.s)  in the brain look in some text I wrote
under LSD-Pope II.

The first emotion generator and the third together have thousands of
emotional programs and to me seem the center of the psyche.

Eg.3 is much older than eg.1, but programs  in it have adjusted to
eg.1.  (I find that fascinating.)
With some of the programs I had the fleeting impression thta they sort
of can be switched back to older settings.

Eg.3 seems of old age, me and eg.1 sort of of middle age, eg.2 or
young age.

Eg. 1 has some binding programs towards the off-spring that to me seem
older than mammal time.
Maybe our ancestors already cared for their young before they turned

Emotional programs in eg.1 are far more complex than the old, often
simple seeming ones in comparison in eg.3

I know of several non-active program bunches in eg.1,
among them childhood-parent binding programs many  of which within  me
started to shut down with  eleven and pregnancy programs.

...Many  hormones make changes in the eg.s

...Mentioned area in the front of the own CPU is like a gigantic
To do with mathematics, counter-powering eg.s, detail data, 
bunches of other stuff.

So much about my opinions about some areas of the brain.
There are more, but maybe it helped  for some sort of basic ideas of
some coherences of systems.

Learn what Carlos Castaneda calls "seeing".
Learn energy-telepathy.
Go akasha-surfing with many different brains.

Don't intrude into brains of people who don't like it.

That goes also for the persons of other mammal  races.

All limbic systmes are sacred,
and what many neurologists do is among the sickest crimes I ever heard

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