Time Mag: Enough Already; Gutenberg Wins

Mentifex mentifex at scn.org
Thu Sep 24 01:41:23 EST 1998

Netters, bettors, men (and womb-men) of letters!  We are in the
Information Age, right?  Very truly yours Mentifex/Arthur who
started the thread-rot [Do you like my etymology of "woman"?], I
agree with Rick Thomas <rbthomas at lilypad.rutgers.edu> who wrote:

>  MA Lloyd <malloy00 at io.com> writes:  [...]
>> His entries in the top 25 that fall into this millennium are Newton, 
>> Gutenberg, Columbus, Einstein, Pasteur, Galileo, Darwin, Copernicus, 
>> Lavoisier, Watt, Faraday, Maxwell, and Luther.

> Of that list, my money's on Gutenberg. Movable type lead to cheap
> books (and perhaps more important, cheap pamphlets and cheap news-
> papers.) That led to a dissemination of learning and, consequently,
> political and economic power to the non-aristocratic classes.  In
> turn, that created the opportunities for all the rest of those guys
> to do their things, and for all the rest of us to find out about them.

> Now that's what I call changing the course of history.  [...]

  Johann Gutenberg was the Forrest Gump of our outgoing millennium,
  starting the uptick which right now in 1998 rises exponentially
  out of sight towards The Singularity of Vernor Vinge.  Rick Thomas
  makes it suddenly as plain as day:  We owe it all to Gutenberg.
  His stately portrait will grace THE collector's item issue of TIME
  magazine and I am willing to bet individual pages from the manu-
  script of the Mentifex Nolarbeit Theory Journal one-for-one against
  any version of the Amiga computer that TIME will coverize Gutenberg.

 http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/booksrc.html Book Sources

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