Careers in Neuroscience / ANN's / Neurotransmitters

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Wed Sep 23 22:31:23 EST 1998


I am a junior in high school, and I would like to pursue
a career in neuroscience.  Specifically, I am interested
in understanding how the brain works both at the macro
and micro level, and a detailed understanding how the micro
affects the macro (ie, how groups of neurons affect thought
processes).  In addition, I have done some work in Artificial
neural networks, and I would like to do that type of research
in my career.  First off, does such a career already exist?  If not,
I suppose that many doctors/scientists do a lot of independent
research that is related to their career.  Is this the most likely
route?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

One more yet unrelated question:
Neurotransmitters in ANN's??  Has it been attempted to apply
things like dopamine to the mathematical model of an ANN?


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