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Thu Sep 24 03:54:40 EST 1998

My son, Xie mingyin, 23, sufferring from severe ailment, needs help
medical experts home and abroad.
On Aug. 11th, returning from work, he said to me:"Dad, my brain feels
like empty." I immediately took him to Shanghai changzheng hospital for
a CT and nothint unusual was detected. The next day, he exprienced
mania, speech disorder and was sent to Shanghai Psychiatry Hospital.
days later, he went into a coma.  Blood tests and cerebrospinal check
turned out to be negative.  Doctors from Huashan hospital said it was
brain fever.  They excluded Encephalitis B, but couldn't diagnose the
precise type.
My son now lies still on bed 24,ward 22,build 5 of Huashan Hospital, his
life sustained by infusion. Expenses amounts to Y2,000.00 a day, which
a high-school teacher making a litter over Y1,000.00 can hardly long
If you know about any advanced therapy or special treatments, please let
them known. Your effort could be of great help to me.
Many thanks!

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