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Well, technically, Japan has not actually outlawed slavery, but has only
outlawed using Japanese nationals as slaves within Japan, and exporting
Japanese nationals to be used as slaves.

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin wrote:

> Craig Burley wrote in alt.memetics:
> >mawarkus at t-online.de (Matthias Warkus) writes:
> >
> >Well, thinking in terms of what he actually *said*, "benefit of the
> >human race", I think it's fair to at least consider that it might have
> >been the unique contribution of George Washington that he laid down
> >the foundations of a government, based not on powerful personal rule
> >but the rule of the individual citizen (via democratic republic) and
> >his private morality, and that this government, in basically the same
> >form, a century later, struck the most definitive worldwide blow
> >against the widespread practice of slavery.
> The United States was, among industrialized nations, about the LAST to
> eliminate slavery.

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