Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

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Fri Sep 25 15:29:30 EST 1998

amiga at primenet.com says...
| > I suggest you do some reading on the subject, and alter your bigoted sexist views.

larryc at teleport.com (Larry Caldwell):
| His view may be sexist, but it is also accurate.  Maybe by the end of the 
| next millennium, women will have made a more profound contribution to 
| human culture.  

I don't see any reason to identify fame with culture.  The
average mother has probably contributed more constructively
to human culture than all the great generals, politicians,
and other puff adders of this millennium or any other put
together.  The leading characters of history -- "the sorry
register of man's crimes and follies" -- are by and large
its leading psychopaths and blowhards.

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