Acid Pope II to Yourney(wo)men into The Temple Of The Mind

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Fri Sep 25 02:55:50 EST 1998

>>ACID Pope II
>>(Remember, no hitting the RE button to this or any of my res to this
>>one, it is meant to be a sequence.
>>Pick other titles for REs in case you want to make one.)
>>(Didn't watch spelling much.)

Within multiple scerosis from what I understood  myelin sheeths are

I have been wondering what effects it would have if an according
brain's cholinergic I areas were to decide to mainly run on very old
settings and use a lot of the magical "field-transfers" in the brain
(& towards the body), that might be ways older than the long-distance
axon ones.

Anyone ever been seriously trying?

Also been wondering how dangerous it  would be to keep mindlinking a
lot, say if you were a friend of the same sex and would want to give
the other brain  options to run linked with less damaged structures.

As mentioned, anyone experimenting there, I'd be rather intersted  in
the outcomes. 

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