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Walter Eric Johnson wej3715 at scully.tamu.edu
Sat Sep 26 12:27:16 EST 1998

K C Cheng (kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com) wrote:
: > You're just trying to sell snake oil.
: Well, why don't you wait and see?  You're just unwilling to risk a few
: dollars. =

I am not going to buy something when I am already convinced that
it has no value.  More important though, I do not have enough time
to read everything I want to read so it would be really stupid
of me to waste the time reading the meandering halucinations of

: How do you suggest I publish videos and 19 volumes in peer reviewed
: publications? Videos and such are being peer-reviewd by leading
: institutions. =

Simple. Pick out the best ideas that you have, write them up,
and submit them to the journals.
: > : I can refund you academics
: > : if you're not satisfied that it's proven beyond the slightest scienti=
: fic
: > : doubt.  I don't think Einstein guaranteed to refund to those unable t=
: o
: > : understand his Theory of Relativity.
: > =
: > Didn't he publish in the existing journals?
: Not his Theory of Relativity??  Wasn't it published by an American book
: company? =

Isn't this his first publications:
  Einstein, A., 1905, "Zur elektroodynamik bewegter Korper", Ann.
  Phys. (Germany) 17, 891-921.
followed by
  Einstein, A. 1908, "Uber das Relativitatsprinzip and die aus
  demselben gezogenen Folgerungen," Jarb. Radioakt. 4, 411-462

He did write a book on relativity, The Meaning of Relativity, but
that wasn't until much later.

: > You claim to have refuted him.  That's all.
: But, don't you think you should read my volumes too  before saying that
: it's just my claim? =

Let me explain something to you in as simple of terms as possible:
1) There are many books which I need to read that I know have
great value in terms of knowledge:
  a) Gordon Shepherd's book on Neurobiology
  b) Gordon Shepherd's book on The Synaptic Organization of
     the Brain
  c) Alan Peters, Sanford Palay, and Henry Webster's book on
     The Fine Structure of the Nervous System - Neurons and
     Their Supporting Cells
  d) Arbib, Erdi, and Szentagothai's book on Neuron Organization
just to name a few.
2) You have not demonstrated that there is anything of value in
your books.  All you have done is make claims that there is
something there.
3) If I had read everything that was of value, I would sooner
spend my spare time fishing than reading things of no value.
4) Therefore, unless you can demonstrate ahead of time that it
is worth my time to read your books, I am not going to do it.

: > Are your thought processes as disorderly as your web pages?  I
: > cannot imagine that anyone would be convinced by them.
: Webpages are difficult to be  as "orderly" as the books.  They are
: hyper-linked and tend to jump from place to the next relevant place. A
: type of modern convenience. =

To do the work you claim to have done would require a great
deal of organizational skill just to keep things straight.
You haven't shown signs of such skill.

: > : Would I understand Einstein's Theory of relativity had I
: > : not known his maths?
: > =
: > I'd hate to hear you try to explain tensor analysis on manifolds.
: > I seriously doubt that you understand much, if anything, about
: > the subject.
: I don't claim what I DON'T KNOW.  I CAN hardly understand advanced
: calculus, not having taken such at all.  That's why I havn't commented
: on his Relativity yet.  But, I'll get there. =

If you don't understand tensor analysis on manifolds, you do not
understand relativity.
: > Once again, there is no reason to suspect that you have any
: > understanding of the Special or General theories.
: But that has nothing to do with the electromagnetism of memory,
: mentation, and behavior. The main tehing is for me to know the relevant
: to memory and the mind, not to talk about things having nothing to do
: with the subject. =

I thought you implied that you understood them.
: I am not hiding.  I am trying to have a means to deliver the proof to
: the public.  But, there are serious limitations to publishing one's
: works when it may be economically unsound for some publishers, and
: impossible for others.  Let me know, who would invest millions of
: dollars just to publish so many volumes? The fault is not mine. It takes
: MONEY to do what you ask of me. Therefore, I suggest, since my videos
: are very comprehensible to those even without much medical background,
: if you want to serioiusly know whether I am a kook or real great one, be
: more friendly and I might even let you have a preview for nothing.  As
: said, some universities are already getting them for USE.

Are you sending them to the universities on your own or are they
requesting them?  I thought so.

It is up to you to prove your claims -- not to everyone else
to accept the claims without proof.

Eric Johnson

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