mammilian part........(and budding neurologist)

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Sat Sep 26 01:01:38 EST 1998


Since you're only in jr. high there's not a whole lot of stuff out there for
you yet.  just type find an intro Neuroscience textbook at your local
library (can anyone recommend an easy one for him?)  then in high school
take as many biology, physics, chemistry and computer courses as are
offered.  Then after you've put up with all that you can sign up for a
neuroscience program at the nearest university that offers it (there are
many).  If you tell us where you're from we could probably recommend some
places nearby you could look into.

In many areas they also offer biology camps over the summer (again depending
on where you live.)  your local library and school bulletin board  might
list some.  your guidance councellor can probably find much of this
information for you too.

Hope this helps

-Mr. Krud

There's actually a *LOT* of schools to

Goodyboy wrote in message <6tvllc$cj2$1 at>...
>I would like to know the parts of the brain and more about the mammilian
>reptilian and other parts of the brain.I new so help me learn more
>Thanx Huren
>13 yr old

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