Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

Bernd Paysan bernd.paysan at gmx.de
Sat Sep 26 16:26:45 EST 1998

Larry Caldwell wrote:
> His view may be sexist, but it is also accurate.  Maybe by the end of the
> next millennium, women will have made a more profound contribution to
> human culture.

I think they already did make the most profound contribution to human
culture. It is widely supposed that women invented agriculture, and
turned a lazy 20-hour-hunting week into an overworked 80-hour-farming
week. It also took them several thousand years to convince the male part
of the population that they should work hard, too (in some parts of the
world, farming is still a women-only job). Short after, the harnessing
of oxes and horses, the plow, the mill and other aids were invented.

Our planet won't look as it looks today (i.e. it would look much better)
if this wasn't ever invented.

Note that this is not sexist, but just an anti-human view, as in the
following joke:

Two planets meet: "How are you?" - "Not good, I've homo sapiens." -
"Don't worry, that'll go away just by itself".

Bernd Paysan
"Late answers are wrong answers!"

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