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>juola at mathcs.duq.edu says...
>> Peter da Silva <peter at baileynm.com> wrote:
>> >Where's Marie Curie? I mean, really...
>> Nowhere in the running.  All she did was fill in a couple of
>> holes in the periodic table.  
>Excuse me??  She happened to have discovered radiation you know.

No, she did not discover radiation. Even if you don't count visible light.
She didn't even discover radioactivity.

>> [...] Give credit to the guy that
>> invented the periodic table and discovered the holes for her
>> to fill....
>You want to give credit for someone discoverying a "classification 
>system"?  Sheesh ... !

His name was Mendelye'ev. And the period table is more than a
classification system: if is a reflection of atomic structure.

Brett Evill

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