Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

Paul Gowder pgowder at law.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 28 13:55:28 EST 1998

in <MPG.107905ecb9b1e91d9896e5 at nntp.mindspring.com>,  qed at pobox.com (Paul Hsieh) did something allowing me to incorporate a very witty verb in this line and produced:
>> [big snip]
>> >Andrew Wiles spent 7 years in virtual solitude working by himself to 
>> >prove Fermat's last theorem after hundreds, if not thousands of 
>> >mathematicians before him tried and failed.  When I think about all the 
>> >other achievments of man, I can't think of one that compares in total 
>> >depth and intensity.  I think that this proof is the ultimate 
>> >intellectual trophy of man kind.

So how about Fermat then?  :P

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