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Tue Sep 29 11:38:05 EST 1998

In article <6uqvd3$ihb at web.nmti.com>,
Peter da Silva <peter at baileynm.com> wrote:
>Personally, I would be happier if Emacs had never existed, so all the talented
>hacker time spent expanding it had been applied to a halfway sane editor like
>TECO, [snip]

Wasn't Emacs originally a set of macros for TECO?
/*  _  */main(int k,char**n){char*i=k&1?"+L*;99,RU[,RUo+BeKAA+BECACJ+CAACA"
/* / ` */"CD+LBCACJ*":1[n],j,l=!k,m;do for(m=*i-48,j=l?m/k:m%k;m>>7?k=1<<m+
/* |   */8,!l&&puts(&l)**&l:j--;printf("  \0_/"+l));while((l^=3)||l[++i]);}
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