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   > Only an American could say that. It looms large in your world, mate. 

   I'd agree with above, having visited the 'States' 7-8 times and
   lived there for a 3 month period fairly recently.  Most studies
   (eg. National Geographic) give US citizens the lowest ranking of
   any OECD country when it comes to general knowledge of the world,
   and an extraordinary percentage (>10%) of one study sample could
   not even identify the USA on a map of the planet!

The unfortunate part is that Time is published in the US, so The "Time
Man of the Millennium" will be picked from a US poing of view.

The fortunate part for the rest of the world is that only those of us
in the US will be bombarded with 14 weeks of intense, second to second
coverage of whatever silly American they pick.

"I'm voting for Paul Bunyan",
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