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Matthias Warkus mawarkus at t-online.de
Mon Sep 28 15:58:12 EST 1998

Peter da Silva schrieb:
> In article <6uo7a1$i3m$3 at news01.btx.dtag.de>,
> Matthias Warkus <mawa at iname.com> wrote:
> >I don't think so. Whatever fuss ESR is making, RMS still is important as the
> >mastermind of GNU. And whatever the Open Sourcers ramble about GNU purism and
> >stuff, without the GNU project, Open Source would be nothing.
> *boggle*
> The GNU people are *part* of the open source community,
Of course, never confuse Open Source and open source.
Anyway, I don't like the term "open source". Free software is what I like.

> no matter what they
> might think and however they might ramble on about everyone else's lack of
> vision and the lack of G in Linux. There seems to be a significant disconnect
> somewhere if *anyone* can claim there's no interrelationship between the FSF
> and the rest of the open source community (small o, small s, I'm not one of
> Eric's minions but I'm quite happy to co-opt his terminology) with a straight
> face.

> Yes, GCC is cool. Yes, the GNU people to put a lot of good code into the
> community. They're noyt the whole community, though, and it's damned arrogant
> to assume that they're even the keystone. They certainly aren't now, if
> they ever were.
Hmm... to me, the creation of the General Public License certainly was a
keystone. Unless you claim, like some of the more radical Berkeley-License-ers
do, that free software is not free as long as you cannot rip code off for
commercial use.

GNU was a keystone since IIRC they were the first to not only release code under
a license that keeps it free, but managed to get enough momentum into it, too.
Companies pool for maintaining a GPL compiler...
In the days before GPL, they would have ripped the heart out of it and released
a commercial version.

> I do believe that the BSD folks would have managed without the GNU people.
> There's multiple non-GPL open source C compilers... they had one of their
> own, and if GCC hadn't been there they'd have run with it, and probably
> have converted to TenDRA by now, and that's the only really central tool
> that isn't easily reproducible by a talented undergrad in his spare time.
Hmmm... sure?

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