Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

Paul Gowder pgowder at law.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 28 22:31:39 EST 1998

in <handleym-2809981132300001 at macip1-190.apple.com>,  handleym at ricochet.net (Maynard Handley) did something allowing me to incorporate a very witty verb in this line and produced:
>In article <1215.575T2001T1005355 at mindspring.com>, "Timothy Rue"
><timrue at mindspring.com> wrote:
>> Dr. Frank Wallace. For him, Time mag. is not good enough! Nor is Nobel
>> Prize status.
>> http://www.neo-tech.com/finalevo/
>> http://www.neo-tech.com/finalevo/evo-041.html
>> http://www.neo-tech.com/finalevo/evo-049.html
>Oh my god, this is just pathetic. Who are we going to nominate next? L Ron

Be careful what you ask for.  I'll wager a modest sum that, before this 
thread ends, some moron will in fact nominate L. Ron.  


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