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> >> >Leonardo da Vinci is the most likely MotM, politically and socially.
> >> >
> >> >Though a lot could be said for Malthus. *sigh*
> >> 
> >> My suggestion is the head of the American Revolution, George
> >> Washington.  He is the man who did the most for the benefit of the
> >> human race.
> >
> ><flame type=ridiculous>
> >Damn, and what about Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Locke, all these,
> >the whole Lumières crowd, Kant, whoever, what the fuck about THEM?
> ></flame>
> ;;; FLAME
> Why ridiculous??  My opinion is that you are simply not fully aware
> what the followers of Washington have done for this world.

While the American revolution may or may not have been a hugely
significant event, I don't think Washington was a huge 'mover' of
it.  I think Jefferson and Franklin and others had more to do
with moving and shaping it.

> The Americans were the first to send men on the Moon.  How many of our
> readers have greatly benefitted from the masterpieces of Voltaire??

Voltaire was -very- influential.


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