Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

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>Andy Ylikoski schrieb:
>> >From: peter at baileynm.com (Peter da Silva)
>> >Subject: Re: Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium
>> [snips]
>> >Leonardo da Vinci is the most likely MotM, politically and socially.
>> >
>> >Though a lot could be said for Malthus. *sigh*
>> My suggestion is the head of the American Revolution, George
>> Washington.  He is the man who did the most for the benefit of the
>> human race.
><flame type=ridiculous>
>Damn, and what about Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Locke, all these,
>the whole Lumières crowd, Kant, whoever, what the fuck about THEM?


Why ridiculous??  My opinion is that you are simply not fully aware
what the followers of Washington have done for this world.

The Americans were the first to send men on the Moon.  How many of our
readers have greatly benefitted from the masterpieces of Voltaire??


>Or are you implying that George Washington's leading of the American
>Revolution had some other benefit than just creating the first "modern"
>(this can be argued) democracy in the world?
>If yes, are you suggesting that the American hegemony has done us any

To us and to me it has.

>If no, are you realising George Washington has invented neither
>democracy nor sliced bread? If this was "Man of the Last Three
>Millennia", I'd have a hard time deciding between Solon, Cleisthenes and

I recommend reading the newsgroup alt.politics.org.cia.

The Central Intelligence Agency has been said to have saved one
billion human lives.

How many ones did Solon save??

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