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>>Personally, I would be happier if Emacs had never existed, so all the talented
>>hacker time spent expanding it had been applied to a halfway sane editor like
>>TECO, [snip]

>Wasn't Emacs originally a set of macros for TECO?


Why yes. I used that version of Emacs in the 79-81 time period.

There was another set of TECO macros that also gave you a full screen
interface to TECO. It retained the internally consistent TECO command
structure, and was smaller and faster to boot. Which is why it died, I

See, Emacs only used TECO as a kind of implementation hack. The command
structure and user interface was completely disconnected from TECO, and
none of the TECO programming in my fingertips worked.

In fact, VI is more like TECO than Emacs is. Oh, not internally... Emacs
has a much more competant internal implementation and semantics. But for
the human-keyboard interface VI was a much closer fit$$.

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