Time Magazine: Man of the Millennium

Matthias Warkus mawarkus at t-online.de
Tue Sep 29 12:07:19 EST 1998

Peter da Silva schrieb:
> As for Emacs, there are more programs that fit the niche "text editor" than
> you can shake a stick at, and the one I prefer was written by the BSD folks
> in the first place.
> Personally, I would be happier if Emacs had never existed, so all the talented
> hacker time spent expanding it had been applied to a halfway sane editor like
> TECO, VI, or even EDIT/TPU. It's one of the footprints of the giants for sure.

Oh great, a flame bait.
Please tell me why you consider Emacs insane, I can perfectly understand why one
doesn't like it (I use both GNU Emacs and vi(m)), but this strikes me. Looks
like pure editor religiosity. 

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